How Freedom Checks Work

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Freedom checks are an opportunity to own a piece of a flourishing business while receiving consistent distributions of the profit. Owners of freedom checks receive distributions monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. These distributions are sent out to Master Limited Partnerships. These are stock owners of 568 companies.

568 companies are master limited partnerships that a publicly traded. To qualify as a 568 company, the business has to meet several qualifications listed in Statute 26-F. Statute 26-F states that generate 90% of their total revenue from oil and gas along with the production, processing, transportation and storage of those elements. And, the company must agree to pay out all those earnings in distributions. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

568 companies adhering to Statute F-26 can issue freedom checks to those who own stock or master limited partnerships. The distributions are considered return of capital, not income. If you sell your MLP, you must pay taxes on any profit gained from the sale. Your taxes would be at the lower capital gains rate, not at the same rate that personal income is taxed.

It is very simple to buy shares of MLP’s, just as easy as buying any publicly traded stock. The distributions are received in the form of a check in the mail or sent directly to your brokerage account. Freedom checks tend to pay two to three times what other conservative investments pay.

Compared to Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and money market accounts pay a paltry interest that’s as little as 1.5% in some institutions. For the same amount of risk, you could own an MLP and gain a far greater return. Depending on how much you invest, your return could be quite sizable. Someone who invests $1,000 in 20 years could receive $149,300 with a freedom check while the CD owner would receive $1,320.


They simple can’t compare. The freedom check far surpasses the performance of other conservative investments making it a good option to add to a retirement portfolio. It is even an ideal short term investment. Unlike retirement distributions, you can receive your MLP distribution at any age with the same tax responsibilities. Unlike Social Security, a 401(k) or an IRA, which can only be received tax free under certain circumstances, your MLP distributions will always be taxed as capital gains, not income. There are very few people who don’t need more money. With freedom checks, you can get a larger return on your investment and the cost to do that is quite reasonable and well worth it. Visit the website to learn more.

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Lime Crime Provides The Best Tips For A Sensational Appearance This Spring

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Spring of 2018 brings the most fashionable beauty trends. Inspiration is everywhere and the best place to begin is with beauty. Lime Crime has provided beauty tips for an amazing and trendy look.

A highlighter is generally a powder or a stick. This will add a glow to illuminate the face. The best place for application is around the cheekbones. This should be in a delicate line from the cheekbone upwards towards the ear. A highlighter is also a wonderful accent beneath the eyes, under the brows or on the ridge of the nose. Opalescent highlighter pallets are available in three colors. This provides subtle or vibrant highlight but must be applied lightly.

Lime Crime provides lips colors with velvety finishes, in mattes, with shine, gloss and texture that lasts. The eye shadow palettes are available in a variety or gorgeous colors. There are matte and glittery options available. There is a look perfect for every situation and the palettes are flexible. Eyeliner provides a more dramatic look. The best eyeliner has a superfine tip for precision lines.

The official color for the spring of 2018 is purple. Sangria, plum, magenta, lilac and lavender are all exquisite. Purple can be worn on the nails, the lips and as a hair accent. There are three amazing purple palettes. The foundation is important because a good base is like a clean slate. This will even out the tone of the skin and hide any bumps, redness or blemishes. The foundation should be infused with SPF, match the skin and feel and look good.

Long wear lipstick means it will stay on all day. The lipstick has a strong color and a soft touch. The ten colors are beautiful and affordable. Biotin can provide radiant skin that is healthy, toned and supple. The skin must be kept clean with a gentle cleanser. A moisturizer to provide hydration is also important. The facial skin is delicate and should be taken care of gently.

Whichever colors match the style of the individual Lime Crime is certain to make a dramatic impact this spring. There are even tutorials available online to ensure the look is just right.

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Ricardo Tosto Brings Attention to the Big Issues

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As an attorney, it’s Ricardo Tosto’s job to show people they can get through different issues. He always makes an effort of showing people how they can get better and how they can make a difference on their own in different situations. For Ricardo Tosto, the point of helping people is giving back and always showing them they have a chance at success. It’s also something he feels good about because of how hard he works on different opportunities. There are things that make a difference for Ricardo Tosto and he knows what those things will continue doing while he’s helping others. For Ricardo Tosto, the point of making things easier is giving back and always giving people the chance to do a better job without having to worry about all the legal parts of the business.

Thanks to Ricardo Tosto, everyone sees how hard they have to work. They see the different things that come from making positive decisions and they also understand they can make it better for themselves if they continue promoting new opportunities. For years, people in Brazil struggled to get the help they needed. They also struggled with all the issues that came from making things better for other people. Ricardo Tosto knew this and wanted to fix it. He felt he could make a difference as an attorney and that’s something he felt great about while helping all the clients he already had.

Even though Ricardo Tosto sometimes struggled to make connections with all the clients he had, he knew what would continue helping them. As long as he continued showing them things would get better, he felt he had a chance at success. It’s his goal of giving back that allows people to see how things will keep changing. It’s also something he’s confident in because of how hard he works to give back in different communities. Ricardo Tosto likes to see Brazilians find success similar to what he found. As long as he knows how to help, he’ll continue giving back to everyone who lives in the country and needs his advice.
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Richard Blair Wealth Management Tips

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Wealth Solutions is a large organization that is changing the lives of many people in the world. This company was founded by one of the leading investment managers in the United States, Richard Blair. The businessman has a lot of knowledge when it comes to wealth management activities, and he has given a lot of people the assistance they need to make wise investments. Richard Blair was educated in some of the leading universities in the United States, and this is the primary reason he has been performing so well in the competitive American market. Blair and his company are considered to be the leaders in the American wealth management platform. Their hard work has paid them handsomely.

Wealth Solutions and its founder always believe that all people in the country need to have a perfect financial plan that can assist them when it comes to pursuing the complex financial goals. Blair and this large organization have been doing their best to offer customers the best retirement planning and the most effective wealth management strategies. Most of the company customers are found in Austin and other parts of Texas. Blair has always been an advocate of three primary financial pillars that can be very effective in wealth management.

When Richard Blair decided that he was going to pursue a career in wealth management, he discovered that it is possible for Americans to use three primary pillars and work their way to success. The first pillar concerns identifying the financial map the clients should follow. Richard shows the customers the perfect route to follow while at this stage. In the second stage of this financial plan, the customers are trained how to develop a long-lasting strategy that is effective in helping the customer to acquire their liquidity needs. All customers have different strategies at this stage. The final stage is paramount too. When Richard Blair and his team have realized the financial goals of the customer and given the strategies that can be used for growth, he will utilize the final stage that entails implementation and monitoring. The final stage is always very crucial in the whole process.

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NewsWatch’s Business Reviews Dominate Media Industry

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NewsWatch is a reliable and honest media organization that gives trustworthy reviews of consumer technology, travel, health, and entertainment. This news media network is based out of Washington D.C and has helped every and all types of companies, apps, and even non-profit institutions. The credentials of this media conglomerate consist of many highly respected Fortune 500 companies.

Various platforms are available for people to watch, listen, and read NewsWatch’s content. Viewers can see their television program on ION and AMC. Listeners can tune into the wonderful and informative podcasts on the compnay’s website that provides thousands of hours of gripping, informative, and entertaining materials.

One of the many companies that has been supported by NewsWatch is the technology company, Avanca. NewsWatch conducted a one-minute promotional video of Avanca’s crowdfunding campaign that helped raise awareness of the company’s fundraiser. The goal was to raise 10,000 dollars, over a 30-day interval, for a small pocket size pc Avanca developed. Not only was the goal of 10,000 dollars reached, but 456,551 dollars was raised toward the small technology. Leaders from the technology corporation claimed that NewsWatch’s promotional video and advertising was a key factor in achieving their crowdfunding goals. The promotional video was viewed by millions through NewsWatch’s TV and internet platforms.

NewsWatch has taken the media industry by storm with an onslaught of great reviews and significant statistics. Their innovative and creative ways of bringing forth information to the public is setting a blueprint for future media organizations.



How Academy of Art University Is Solving Issues in the City’s Tenderloin District

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Every major American city has its positive and its negatives. Every major American city has a rich history that dates back centuries. For beautiful San Francisco, the Tenderloin District is one of its most popular and most diverse neighborhoods. This neighborhood is rather small in physical size, but it’s jam-packed with thousands of people. When you have such large amounts of people in one place, crime is sure to follow. Unfortunately, Tenderloin has become an eye-sore in a sense. In 1906, huge fires destroyed this particular area of town. The neighborhoods of San Francisco are well-connected as well as intertwined and crime has began to spread outward into the other areas of the city.

Solving this issues has been tried before, and it was easier said than done. Fortunately, new solutions have come into play and the Academy of Art University is playing a huge role. Academy of Art University, once known as Academy of Art College, was founded by Richard S. Spencer, and it’s one of the city’s largest property owners. That’s right! This for-profit school has been around since 1929, and specializes in liberal arts and in design. Former-graduates of AAU, includes:

  • Actress Lauren Conrad
  • Figurative Painter Asencio
  • Actress Raven Symone
  • Music Video Director Chris Milk
  • And others

The city’s Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation has adopted a new plan that comes from students at the Academy of Art University. These students have built an innovative app that will provide real-time information of how people feel about the district. Of course, these people will most likely be of the actual residents. By providing this type of data, city officials will get a better understanding on what’s effecting the district. Government organizations and schools will harvest the data, which will help to identify problems. The Academy of Art University is doing what no other liberal arts school has done before as better days are on the horizon for San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.



The Inspirational Work of Malcom CasSelle

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The present position that Malcolm CasSelle holds is CIO of OPSkins, and president at WAX. It is significant that he is known to be the top bitcoin connoisseur in the world. Also, he was once President and CTO at tronc which used to be known as Tribune Publishing. It was there that he watched the fast growth properties leveraging digital assets. He was SVP and GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l, the company that purchased Timeline Labs, a place that provided companies a chance to find, show, and analyze information based on social signaling, where he was CEO. Plus, he was co-founder of PCCW, a publicly traded telecom based in Hong Kong that was recently claimed to be worth thirty-five billion US dollars. It was at PCCW that he spent about four years building the company and helping to raise an exponential amount of funds in equity financing.

Furthermore, in his extensive career CasSelle has invested in BTCChina, Data Collective, WeRecover, Alpharank, Arsenic, Bringhub, Cryptocurrency Partners, MediMeals, and Xfire. In addition, he has mentored at Plug and Play Bitcoin and advised at Sensay, DirecTech Labs, VOTOCAST, Bringhub, PrettyQuick, and WeRecover. Another venture of CasSelle was ten months that he spent in 2011 working with Groupon for an expansion in Asia. He states that this work was the largest P&L for Groupon China based in Shanghai. Additionally, he was board member at Timeline Labs. Also before his career began he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and recieved his graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, and because a portion of his career ventures are based in Asian countries it is beneficial that he is fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin.

Although OPSkins is the leading centralized marketplace for virtual assets, the limitations and their customers are leading them to adapt into a decentralized marketplace. The adaptation takes form with WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX allows P2P trading of virtual goods with a foundation of blockchain, which uses the fastest Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and prevents fragmentation, and decentralized smart contract, which prevents fraud, to provide the most efficient trades. WAX allows players to make safe purchases without leaving their game and uses a common currency for all players to remove FOREX problems.

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The Way Out with Drew Madden

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Did you know that Amazon is now in the business of selling professional-grade equipment to pharmaceutical companies with a newfound distribution license? It’s true; the retail monstrosity has found its footing in yet another industry, and it seems that no selling platform is beyond their reach at this point. The next target that they’ve laid eyes on, it seems, is the power to send your prescriptions directly to your doorstep using drones or classic shipping if you so choose. Actually, let’s be exact about this one: Will state governments really allow anyone to use drones this early on for the delivery of potentially dangerous drugs to anyone’s doorstep? We think not.

Still, Amazon operates on a global scale; there’s frankly nothing they can’t do at this point besides provide certain services such as health insurance, which is incidentally what CVS is doing in their effort to stanch the inevitable bleed that Amazon’s newfound presence in the medical industry will bring. It seems that everywhere they go, business runs dry and is either sucked up into Goliath’s gaping maw or rag-dolled aside like a defeated David, but one thing’s for sure now: CVS isn’t letting the proverbial nephilim win this time.

Aetna is a renown name in the health care industry, and they’ve been in the business for quite a while now. In fact, they have a behind-the-scenes grip on most Americans’ health insurance plans, which is mighty impressive. How natural could it be that CVS would look at Aetna with an appetite and decide that maybe now would be the time to buy them up? That’s precisely what the health and wellness provider is aiming to do, and if the deal goes all the way through, it appears that CVS will have attained an advantage that Amazon can’t touch.

In the meantime, providing health insurance right inside their own brick-and-mortar constructs is a matter of superior health care IT, and that’s an area of intense focus that CVS will probably require Drew Madden to pull off smoothly. Madden, currently a management partner with Evergreen Healthcare, has a long history as an executive strategist in the field of information technology with the purpose of connecting medical networks together for expeditious service delivery. He could be just the answer that CVS never knew they needed.

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William Saito and His Knowledge of Venture Capitalism

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William Saito knows a lot about working as a venture capitalist because he has positioned himself in his role before. He knows about many things in the business world because he has been in a position where he has had to fund companies, but he has also been on the other side where he has been looking for funding as well.

William Saito has a very unique perspective when it comes to business. He knows a lot about the business world because he has tried many attempts in business to make things that have failed. His failures allowed him to gain a better perspective about what people a need it to become better business men.

As someone that was working in the world of venture capitalism he became aware of what it would take for people to build businesses, but he also became aware of what it would take to fund these businesses that were often brought to life by people that had concepts with no funding to support these visions.

In many instances it is all about getting a strong team in place that could help him run the businesses. This is what William found early when he was in a place where he would take on the role of a venture capitalist especially in the realm of cyber security.

William Saito could not run all of these businesses himself so he made sure that he found others that could support what he was doing. With this he needed to find people that were able to work independently and bring his businesses up to speed. He needed to find people that would work as team players as they helped him capitalize on ideas that were new and innovative.

William has been able to gain a considerable amount of experience because he started young. He failed at a lot of things that he tried to do early on, but failure is often the best experience because it leads you to a place where you know all of the things that are being done incorrectly. This is what he knows entrepreneurs with start-up must acquire. They need the ability to gain experience and actually know what they are doing incorrectly.

Until entrepreneurs take time to figure out what they are doing wrong they are never going to be in a place to attract the attention of a venture capitalist. If anyone knows about what it takes to attract a major company it would be William Saito. He has even had success with attracting companies like Microsoft. This ability to attract Microsoft has allowed him to be a credible source when it comes to building a better start up business. He knows venture capitalism better than most people his age.

Read William Saito’s work on Bloomberg.


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OSI Industries Acquires Flagship Europe Continuing Its Expansion

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OSI Industries recently acquired Flagship Europe as a one of its divisions. Flagship Europe is a leading supplier of frozen dishes including poultry, pies and souse vide products. They also make mayonnaise, sauces and dressings. Recently, Flagship acquired Calder Foods and now they also have the capacity to supply sandwich fillings, marinades and dips.

Both OSI Industries and Flagship Europe see this acquisition as an opportunity to expand on their brands. Flagship sees it as a chance to expand into global markets with the support of a global force like OSI. OSI sees it as an opportunity to broaden its European business using its existing food processing strengths.

OSI has been in business for 100 years, is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois in the U.S.A. and has over 60 food processing plants in 16 countries. OSI has grown to be a very large enterprise and with the added expertise of Flagship Europe, which has been in business since 1991 and has been acquiring other food businesses to expand at a very quick pace. In 2010, Flagship Europe acquired Oasis Foods and was then able to produce mayonnaise, sauces, dressings and dips. In 2015, Flagship Europe acquired Oliver James Foods and Oliver James Proper Pies. Flagship Europe recently acquired Calder Foods and is now producing sandwich fillings. Now, that Flagship Europe is a part of OSI Industries, their global reach has greatly increased.

OSI Industries has maintained a strong presence in the food processing and delivery field for decades and it is still working to meet the demand of its clients. Now that it is serving the world, OSI will continue to work toward addressing the needs of its ever expanding customer base. One of the ways it will meet those needs is to acquire existing food service companies that are serving a customer base, as in the acquisition of Flagship Europe.

Flagship Europe was a subsidiary of Flagship Group which is based in Los Angeles, California. Flagship Europe provided a full selection of menu items to the food service sector spanning a full spectrum of dishes from entrees to sauces to desserts.

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