Freedom Debt Relief And Back To School Planing

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Preparing For Back To School

Recently, did an article about a guide to help parents to prepare for back to school. Back to school can be a stressful time for parents and children alike. There is a long list of things that have to take place. When parents take thought out steps before back to school time, they can make the stressful process more efficient.

About Freedom Debt Relief

Kevin Gallegos is the vice president of Freedom Debt Relief. Freedom Debt Relief is a company that helps individuals to get out of debt. This is a company that helps individuals to create their a program that make monthly deposits into a dedicated account that goes straight to their debt payoff. This account allows a person to track their debt payments with the help of a friendly customer service representative. Freedom Debt Relief is a company that helps their clients get rid of their debt for good. The savvy individuals who work for Freedom Debt Relief are able to contact creditors and negotiate low payoff amounts.

Good Advice For Parents

The president of Freedom Debt Relief did a blog article about how to help parents to avoid back-to-school stress. Back-to-school time is a time when parents and children need to shift their frame of mind. It is important for parents to get supplies, get new clothes, and get orientated with their child’s school. Kevin Gallegos speaks about the importance of establishing a routine for students. It is a good idea to create a family calendar. With a calendar, parents and children can be on the same page when it comes to school and family events.

Good Planning Is A Life Hack

This blog also speaks about how parents can get great deal on school supplies, clothing, and healthy foods. Good financial planning is similar to good life planning. When parents take steps to establish good routines in their everyday life, this will enable them to have a great financial future as well.

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Larkin & Lacey

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Women have had a rocky history throughout human history, including American history. There have always been staunch gender roles that still persist to an extent, today—sometimes in new ways and sometimes in old ways.

It was always thought that a woman’s place is at home. The private sphere was supposed to be the woman’s sphere, while the public sphere was supposed to be the man’s sphere. The man, with his strength, aggression and masculine mindset, was supposed to be the one to engage in income producing work.

The woman was supposed to be the queen of the household—the one who stays home, maintains the aesthetic quality of life for everyone, provides emotional support and gives everyone a relaxing, moral break from the chaotic, immoral world. Women were supposed to be the moral backbone of society for this reason. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This put a stigma on them that made it very difficult for them to get into certain lines of work. For example, in the 1700s and 1800s, women were barred from many types of work. Women did work, and they did take jobs, but their options were limited. This made them ever more vulnerable to poverty and desperate, dangerous circumstances.

It made them more vulnerable to succumbing to professions such as prostitution, which held a very high death rate from sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. The birthrate was high for women, and if you were widowed with six children and unable to provide for your family with whatever work you could get as a woman, you were in a lot of trouble.

The whole public-sphere/private-sphere gender thing is a thing that has come with every, or almost every, culture that the United States has seen. Women’s organizations have been established to take on these issues. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Undocumented immigrants have not had the best time in America. Because they are undocumented, they miss out on crucial services that documented citizens receive to get ahead in life. In the short term, undocumented immigrants have to weather the harsh American and Mexican deserts as they cross the border.

They come from dangerous and impoverished countries that they leave as a result of fear. Undocumented immigrants believe that these issues are human rights issues. Because they are human rights issues, undocumented immigrants have a right to receive services that American taxpayers pay for.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s breathtaking organization, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, serves the community with the belief that the rights of undocumented immigrants are human rights.


Jason Hope A Technologist, Futurist, and a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

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Jason Hope is one of the most familiar names in the world of technology in the United States. He is a serial entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous success in a very short span of time. Jason Hope grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he is currently based. Over the years, Jason Hope has made a name for himself in the industry as a technologist, futurist, philanthropist, investor, and a serial entrepreneur. Jason Hope has invested successfully in many start-ups that have gone on to become multi-million dollar enterprises. As a man with a keen eye for details and vision, he can easily predict which business would go on to become successful or otherwise. It is what has helped him make some very sound investments in companies that he believes in would be successful going forward.

Jason Hope studied Finance from the Arizona University and has Masters in Business Administration from the highly reputed institution, W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope is also famous in the world of technology as a self-proclaimed futurist and believes that the technology has the potential and power to change the future and the way we live. A technology that has caught the fancy of Jason Hope recently is the Internet of Things technology. It is a technology that would enable synchronization and connection between all the known electrical appliances and communication among those devices through the shared network.

It means that the devices would be able to coordinate with each other and work in a synchronized fashion as per the commands and requirements of the user. As per Jason Hope, it is a technology that would replace all conventional technology we know today. He believes the Internet of Things technology has many applications in personal as well as professional life. Many of the industries have also started a trial run of the Internet of Things technology to see how it can help improve its efficiency and productivity. The aviation sector has already been using the Internet of Things technology as it helps the ground technician crew to know if there are any defects in the airplane or if any repairs are needed. The engine directly reports it to the team where the problem is so that the technicians can pinpoint the location of the problem without having to wander around.

Jason Hope is also a well-known philanthropist in Arizona and associated with many of the local charitable organization. He believes in giving back to the society and does everything in his power to empower underprivileged people in the community. Jason Hope is one of the top donors to SENS Research Foundation, which researches anti-aging and ways to increase the lifespan of human beings. It is cause he believes in and has faith in the ability of SENS Research Foundation to find a breakthrough.

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Securus Technologies Is A Winner

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Securus Technologies is the top of the line when it comes to public safety companies. They have been the leader for a long time. Their work is tremendous, and they are respected for it worldwide. The company’s clients are in the US, and one of them is the US government. The government contracts them to work in their correction facilities. Securus Technologies uses several different techniques to deal with over one million inmates during a year’s period.


Their clients have written to them telling them how important the technologies are that the company has given to them, and how good they work. The company decided to make this known to the public by publishing these written correspondences in an article.


They also had an open house at their TX office where the public could come and see what they were working on at the time. This was a huge success because they people were allowed to ask questions during a tour and presentation of Securus Technologies facility.


Securus Technologies is moving into the future at a fast pace. Every week, they are creating more and more ways to protect the public. They are company that has values, and they are determined and dedicated towards helping all of mankind to be as safe as possible.


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Investor Vijay Eswaran is committed to Expand QI Group

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Vijay Eswaran runs a multi-business corporation dubbed QI Group of companies as the president and executive chair. QI Group manages profitable business units that deal with financial services, hospitality, education, direct selling, and retail. Read more: 3 More Years: NYCFC Owners Man City and Vijay Eswaran’s QNET Extend their Partnership

Its flagship subsection, QNET that was founded by the Malaysian investor in 1998, has become an international firm that has reaped huge profits by merging traditional sales tactics with the e-commerce strategy.

The tough entrepreneurial journey of Eswaran

When Vijay Eswaran embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, nothing seemed to favor him. He did not have connections or funding from relatives, friends, or even angel investors. Additionally, Asia was facing a terrible economic downturn, and most people thought that Eswaran’s ambitions were inapt.

On his part, Vijay Eswaran was determined to become an entrepreneur and break away from the chains of making money for others. Fortunately, he met like-minded partners, and his wife supported him unwaveringly. They faced many challenges together, but they always managed to overcome them.

Vijay Eswaran launched his entrepreneurial career by venturing into the direct selling business, a sector that encounters numerous perception challenges. Since its creation, Eswaran’s company has managed to be among the top 40 firms worldwide. Eswaran considers success and failure as an element of his growth path.

How Eswaran is planning to make Malaysia an investment hub

Eswaran has founded a University in Malaysia. This university admitted its first group of student in 2015, marking a significant milestone for Eswaran and his company. Currently, students are pursuing their courses at a temporary campus located in Kuala Lumpur.

QI Group is developing a QI City, consisting of a shopping complex, a medical facility for medical programs, hostel blocks to accommodate the growing number of students, residential houses, a park, and a new permanent campus.


Vijay Eswaran unveiled the RHYTHM Foundation that carries out all philanthropic activities across the globe on behalf of QI Group. He honored his late father by creating the Vijayaratnam Foundation that partners with local nonprofits and other humanitarian entities on projects, such as women empowerment, child mentoring, special education, and youth development. At a personal level, Eswaran has given out millions of dollars to many charities.

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Why Talk Fusion Is A Dynamic Communications Company

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Talk Fusion has been making advancements in communication technology and doing so by designing affordable products and utilizing cloud computing. According to PRNewswire, they won multiple awards in 2016 for “Product of the Year” at the Technology Media Corporation’s annual conference, and their most notable winner was their video chat app. This app is part of a product suite that uses webRTC recording that has allowed for easy use and high quality production. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO was highly pleased with the award and says that it’s only the start for where Talk Fusion wants to go with chat technology.

Talk Fusion originated from an idea Bob Reina had to make it possible to send videos in emails. After trying to make it as a direct selling entrepreneur with several other companies, Reina got the idea to start his own company that would use video software to sell through independent salespeople, and it began with video emails. But soon he had the company build a whole suite of video marketing tools that attracted both big corporate clients and small business owners. About a year ago Talk Fusion decided to start implementing free trials which can be accessed simply signing up with an email address and accessing all Talk Fusion products for 30 days. Learn more:

Talk Fusion has also built a rewards program for associates who bring others to the program and make a lot of sales. The rewards include winning exquisite jewelry and rolex watches, expensive luxury cars and exotic vacations to places like Hawaii, Miami and now Milan, Italy. Talk Fusion has become renowned around the world and has made a difference in their philanthropy both at home and abroad. CEO Bob Reina has given over $1 million to the Tampa Humane Society and was also a donor to the Nepal earthquake relief efforts in 2015. He also started Talk Fusion Gives Back which allows associates to support their favorite charities by giving a Talk Fusion monthly account to those charities. Reina also is an author to several technology magazines including MarTech Advisor and the HuffPost. Learn more:


Malaysian Businessman Vijay Eswaran’s Success Running QI Group

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Vijay Eswaran was born in 1960 in Malaysia. He attended the Lond School Of Economics where he graduated with a degree in socio-economics in 1984. After staying in Europe for a year working various jobs, Eswaran moved to the United States and attended Southern Illinois University, earning his MBA. While he was at this university he learned about multi-level marketing and how to use it in order to build a business.

After moving back home to Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran was approached by Cosway Group who were looking to him so establish their business in the Philippines. The company he co-founded, QI Group, proved to be very successful and now operates throughout Asia. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Eswaran, now serving as the Executive Chairman, has developed QI Group into a company with a hand in several industries. Their products and services are sold through multi-level marketing which means that independent contractors sell them to other consumers as well as people in the business industry. Their products are also sold online on QI Group’s website.

QI Group sells products and services that include media, telecommunications, travel, luxury products, training, education, and wellness. QI Group earns about $750 million a year in revenue from 30 Asian nations. It is now headquartered in Hong Kong and maintains regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

As an international business leader, Vijay Eswaran has become an author as well as a public speaker. He’s written four books about his personal and business philosophies including his first one, “In the Sphere of Silence”, where he writes about the importance of starting each day off with an hour of silence. He has spoken at forums and business conferences around the world including the World Economic Forum.

As a notable philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran has provided continuous support to communities around Asia. He founded the RYTHM Foundation which supports disadvantaged children around Asia.

He also founded a nonprofit that is focused on his native Malaysia called the Vijayaratnam Foundation which helps children in the nation attain an education. This charity runs a school that is open to teenage girls who would otherwise not be able to earn a high school diploma.

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Michael Lacey: Experienced Mathematician

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For Michael Lacey’s entire life, he has been doing things that make sense and that are a part of the math field. He learned a lot about math when he was in school but it didn’t make a difference for him because he already knew the things that he needed to learn about math and about everything that he could do to come up with new problems.

For Michael Lacey, things were important and he had to try and make sense so that he would be able to provide people with all of the different ways that they could do math problems. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

He was confident in his math and he also knew that he could try new things no matter what he was doing because there was always something that he would be able to learn in math. There is always something new and that made Michael Lacey have a better math experience.

One of the things that he focused on was research and the way that he could do different math problems. He continues to work in mathematics and he tries to make sure that he can help people learn more about math no matter what they are doing.

Since Michael Lacey is good at math, he knows that he can help people and he can show them what they are missing in the world of math. He also knows that he will be able to help people get the best experience possible while they are doing different things for others.

For Michael Lacey to be able to teach people in the way that he wanted, he knew that he was going to have to continue offering people a chance at being able to learn more about math. One of the things that Michael Lacey has always done is make sure that he is teaching people.

As a professor in Georgia, he has been able to do just that and it has made things easier for him to try and get the best experience possible. Michael Lacey knows how to make life better for people and for those who want to be able to have a positive outlook on math.

Experienced Mathematician

The Kabbalah Centre and Its Precious Teachings

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The Kabbalah Center International passes knowledge about the Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar. This knowledge is passed down in packages commonly known as courses. Often, the courses are taught via three ways, through global study groups, the analog platform, and the digital platform. The analog platform involves attending centers within your region or city while the digital platform is obviously via the online platform. The foster parents of Kabbalah presentation are its directors, Phillip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. Since Kabbalistic teachings are global and not restricted to any specific race or state, the teaching staff that offers Kabbalistic education and guidance is one made of people of difference ethics, states, and color.

Kabbalah Center International was founded in 1984 and is a non-profit organization. Kabbalah Center is situated in Los Angeles. At times, communities perceived Kabbalah teaching as one difficult to understand. Its mysteries were perceived to be too difficult to be solved by mere children and youths. Kabbalah was considered the old men cup of wine. The Kabbalah Center has a rich historical ground. It was commenced in 1922, by Yehuda Ashlag. Yehuda was a master in Kabbalah who understood importance of making the Kabbalah knowledge accessible to its people. Kabbalah has heard different perceptions from different people. Some do believe that it is sacred and that its knowledge was handed over to specific people like Adam, Moses, and Abraham. In other perceptions, Kabbalah was viewed to be some sought of reservation for the elite married group of couples above the age of 40 years and were scholars of the Jewish law.

The Kabbalah Center’s Volunteer Program is the cornerstone from which the Kabbalah Centre is built. The volunteer program was founded to make the people understand how vital it is to share and give up themselves. Karen Berg says that the only way for a one to feel an ultimate true fulfillment is when the soul is fed. He further says that a well-fed soul is the one that has felt the feeling of unconditional sharing. The volunteer program offers all kind of services that aim at good will. They clean beaches, Feed the homeless, mentor new students, and even visit the sick.

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The Reasons Behind the Success of Rick Smith Securus at Securus Technologies

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Rick Smith is a renowned leader in inventions and innovations. His leadership has aided in improving the standard of living of many people. His competent skills and leadership led to his appointment as the CEO of Securus Technologies. The company offers services which enable the inmates to contact their families through video or voice calls. The inmates can also send emails to their loved ones. The technology has aided in maintaining the relationship between the inmates and their families.The productive contribution of Rick Smith in innovations and inventions are attributed to the rich educational background which he obtained. Rick Smith has a degree in electrical engineering. He was awarded associate’s degree at Rochester Institute of Technology. He also pursued Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at University of Rochester. The good educational background has enabled him to succeed in the companies that he has served.

Rick Smith has enough skills and experience which he obtained while working for various companies. The skills and experience have enabled the Securus Technologies to succeed in the technological advancement. The able leadership skills led him to be appointed to various positions in various firms. He served at Frontier Corporation as information technology manager.He made productive contribution in business development and finance in the company. He also served at the position of Chief Executive Officer while working for Eschelon Telecommunication, Inc. He worked at the company for nine years. The revenue of the company grew from $30 to $350 million during his tenure as the CEO. The recorded value of EBITDA rose to $80 million while the CAGR obtained was 48 percent. His leadership led the Eschelon to be recognized as the successful IPO in 2005.

The leadership of Rick Smith at Securus Technologies has enabled the company to beat its competitors such Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies produces a variety of products which are suitable for the consumers. Rick Smith established a call center which is under the management of the employees in the company. The company performs 600 percent better due to the development of the call center as compared to its competitors. The technicians and the engineers in the company are well trained.The company invested $600 million in patents and technological development. The idea was adopted by Rick Smith to enable the company to grow in technological production. The money was also used in acquiring the items which were important in the expansion of the firm between 2013 and 2016.The leadership of Rick Smith is driven by the need to solve the problems facing the society. The Securus Technologies has solved the problems which require invention and innovations. He is a committed and visionary leader with the rich expertise necessary for the success of any company.

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