Support Positions Are Available For CTCA Hospitals

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When it comes to fighting the scourge of cancer, support personnel are needed in the struggle. Oncologists typically lead the way in the fight against cancer, but they couldn’t get that far without the help of their support staff. Support staff positions include everything from a circulating RN and Certified Medical Assistants to a Respiratory Therapist or a CT Technologist. Some of the key support positions that are available here will be presented in the following information.

Advanced Practice Provider

An Advanced Practice Provider is an RN that will provide patient focused care. Applicants will need a RN and CRNP licenses. Candidates should also have completed a program that has been approved by the Committee on Allied Health Education of the American Medical Association Council. They will also need an updated current Physician Assistant license to work this job. Current BLS/CPR and ACLS Certifications are also necessary to provide this type of service for patience. Positions are available in the Pennsylvania and the Illinois CTCA hospitals.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a leading organization in the fight against cancer. This is a for profit business that was established in 1988. They are always in need of outstanding medical help to ensure that patients are receiving high quality care. They use the latest research, technologies and medications in the fight against this ominous disease.

Another support position for the CTCA hospitals are Graduate RNs. These individuals are Graduate Registered Nurses that work in various areas including ICU, IMCU, Infusion, Inpatient and ASURE. All of these positions are very important to the people receiving cancer treatment. Registered Nurses that work in these areas will collaborate treatment plans with patients, their families and their caregivers. Graduate RN Positions are available at the Southeastern CTCA hospital located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other Clinical and Support Opportunities are available for Certified Medical Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and an Oncology Nurse Practitioner. RN Pain Management, RN Patient Navigator and Surgical Oncology Nurses are other positions that for qualified applicants. Keep in mind that many of the Clinical Support positions that are available for employment are for registered nurses. You can check the Cancer Treatment Centers of America website for more information about available support positions.

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The All-New Plushies by Lime Crime

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Lime Crime has done it again. This cosmetics brand has really been bringing the heat as of late and 2018 will be no different. This exclusive brand has just unveiled its new product, and it’s already garnering plenty of attention. This product just so happens to be known as Plushies. The product is already been named “the cutest release ever,” and it looks to be living up to the hype. Plushies is basically a lip tint that can make your lips more soft and plush. For those who would like a more subtle appearance, this product is definitely for you.

One of the best features about this product is that it can be used alone. Plushies have the potential to enhance your lips’ natural color. The product’s actual description says that it’s a soft focus lip veil. Since it’s described as a lip tint type of product, users will receive a subtle shade of coverage that can last all day. Plushies are a great alternative to the standard liquid-matte lip sticks. Lime Crime has built a solid customer-base from its shimmer and heavy matte lip sticks. All eyes will definitely be staring straight at you thanks to their glistening and glamor capabilities. Plushies are far more subtle and reserved. Yes, you’ll surely get some attention, but more so in a classical-elegant type of way.

Plushies is another product by this dynamic brand that is revolutionizing pop culture. This product comes in many different colors such as black velvet, butterscotch, cola, marmalade, jam, smokey and many more. To give your lips the very best results, try exfoliating the lips and then apply some lip balm. After the product dries, trying using your finger to pat down on your lips. This action will create the ultimate in plush appearance. Lime Crime just has a knack for bringing new product to the forefront of the industry, and the company’s founder plays a crucial role in the development process.

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Anthony Petrello Provides Harvey Assistance

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Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast from August to September 2017 leaving many homeless and jobless due to the range of damage done. Those who were able went out to help others with relief efforts while attempting to survive the aftermath themselves. Many helped with relief efforts, including Anthony Petrello and Nabors Industries. Many of these employees took time off from work to give their due and help as needed in an attempt to get Houston back to normal after such a life altering natural disaster. Around 10 percent of Nabors employees were directly affected by the Hurricane and still many lent a helping hand to try and help.

Anthony Petrello started the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to those in need in the Greater Houston area. It was used to help provide a boots on the ground, hands on relief effort and kept local families close to heart. When families were hungry and needed a hot plate, Nabors Industries opened up their own kitchens to provide 3 meals a day to make sure the local families were cared for. Not only was it a humanitarian move by Anthony Petrello, there was financial assistance as well.

Mr. Petrello is originally from New Jersey, but currently calls Houston home with his wife Cynthia. The two are very involved in philanthropic endeavors as they and they are well known for helping various causes. As a graduate of both Harvard and Yale University, Anthony Petrello also helps his alma mata. He attended Yale and had taken a very positive outlook on life from a Professor by the name of Serge Lang. Professor Lang also happened to be Anthony’s mentor which meant he held a close bond with him. Professor Lang recently passed and to honor his memory, Anthony decided to donate at last $150,000 in an endowment fund. After it caught on with many more beloved students of Professor Lang, they donated as well and Anthony matched their donations with another $150,000. So this just goes to show that helping those who you love and hold dear can have a far greater impact than you could ever imagine.

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Clayton Hutson-Success!

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When it comes to sound production, Clayton Hutson is the posterchild in being the Jack of all trades in his field. Hutson is an expert in various roles of sound production which include being an FOH (or Main House Mixer), Monitor Engineer, Automation Operator, and a Production/Tour Manager. Hutson has worked with various artists throughout his career as a Sound Engineer, including the likes of Maxwell, Jill Scott, Marilyn Manson, and Aaron Lewis, just to name a few. It takes a team of people who have a keen ear for music and intonation to produce a high quality sound for the performances of the artists listed above, and Hutson has been doing it for over 25 years. In order for Hutson and his team to produce the sound quality at the levels that they do, Hutson relies on the consoles of DigiCo and Kinesys to give a high quality sound expectation, in a quick amount of time. Learn more:


Hutson utilizes the streamlined usability of DigiCo’s SD models to provide perfection for major artists every time. Clayton Hutson is not just recent consumer of the company’s consoles, he has used DigiCo’s products since the early 2000s, with the purchase of their SD5 console. Now, almost to decades later, Hutson is still on board with the company’s consoles as he uses the SD11 and relies on it, not only for the sound quality, but for the convenience of travel. He also relies on the Kinesys Elevation +1 to assist in his automation productions.


He has provided his services for an array of venues, including casinos, churches, festivals, and sold-out concerts of monumental proportions. Although Clayton Hutson provides his expertise to major music artists, he also makes his services available to those who may have a slimmer budget to work with, but still want the top notch sound quality, and stage production that Hutson can provide.


All of this is to say that Clayton Hutson is truly particular about the technologies that he uses for his sound production, and is the go-to guy for Sound Engineering when the task at hand is crucial. It does not matter how big or small the stage production may seem, Clayton Hutson is the one to call when the expertise is needed.


Shervin Pishevar Does It All

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In a nutshell it’s easy to say that Shervin Pishevar is a man of means. But, what does this really mean? The details of the statement require little bit of explanation and deserve a closer look. The first and most important thing to know about this professionals that he is most dedicated to his entrepreneurship. This makes them a pioneer in the field of venture capitalism, on top of being an angel investor. But he’s also a businessman, he co-founded and was the managing director of Sherpa Adventures. This enterprise is based out of San Francisco, and it operates a venture capital firm.

However, Sherpa Ventures is not the only outstanding item on his resume. Before holding this position, he is known as the managing director for Menlo Ventures. They credit him for being a driving force behind the fund. Moreover, he is not just a money man, because Shervin Pishevar also has a experience in running technology-based companies. These include, the Social Gaming Network and HyperOffice.

The companies he has a hand in founding know about success on levels that other organizations could only dream of. Specifically, hundreds of millions of users and multi millions of dollars in commerce and trade are the results of his efforts. But, he’s not just in business for himself and has a penchant for helping others. That’s why Shervin Pishevar, is known as an angel investor and is often the source of seed investments.

More than 60 companies know this for a fact. They thrive in the field of social commerce, search and media sectors. Fields that he is known to influence include AdTech and mobile technology. So copious and effective are the choices he makes in business that even the US government has to recognize his prowess. This is why the US government knows him as an Outstanding American by Choice.

This shines as a double honor, because he is only one in a hundred naturalized Americans to receive the accolade. And, there’s a reason why he deserves the attention. Shervin Pishevar contributes to The Advisory Board of Comscore. This is on top of being a member of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council where he serves as an ambassador to several state departments to include the Middle East and Russia.

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George Soros Makes Massive Donation Toward Human Rights

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According to the New York Times and Forbes, over the past several years, George Soros has funneled $18 billion of his own fortune into his charitable organizations: the Open Society Foundations. Soros, a hedge fund manager worth billions and a major donor to the Democratic party, recently disclosed the series of donations, which have put Open Society into place as the second largest charitable organization in the US. The only charitable organization ahead of it is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A Foundation for Humanity

The Open Society Foundation was created over 30 years ago by Soros. Its purpose is to promote human rights and democracy in over 120 nations around the globe. However, the foundation’s recent focus has been on the United States. Open Society Foundation has invested a significant amount into programs meant to reduce abuse by law enforcement officials and to protect the rights of the LGBTQ minorities. The foundations have also invested in treatment centers during a devastating Ebola outbreak in 2014, as well as a center for Roma art and culture. Additionally, they made significant contributions to Democratic politicians, including Hillary Clinton.

Compassion Breeds Contempt

Soros has long been a target because of his democratic views and his major political contributions, and his latest donations have only served to fuel the fires for some. Both the Republican establishment and alt-right groups are outraged by Soros’ donations toward left-leaning policies. Additionally, Soros has recently come under fire in his birthplace of Hungary. The prime minister of Hungary has expressed an intense displeasure with a university funded by Soros and Open Society.

Soros Seeks to Keep the US From Repeating the Mistakes of the Past
To understand why Soros has become one of the most charitable individuals in America, you have to look back to his past. As a young boy, Soros lived under Nazi occupation in Hungary. After the war’s end, with Budapest under the iron curtain of communism, he left his home country and traveled to London, moving shortly afterward to the United States. In the US, Soros saw tremendous success on Wall Street, making over $1 billion by shorting the British Pound in a move that gained him infamy throughout the financial world. With his newfound fortune, Soros established the first Open Society Foundation in his birthplace of Hungary.

The goal of his Open Society Foundation was to promote human rights and democracy. His network of foundations eventually grew into the enormous network of charitable foundations that you see today. Soros and his foundations were among the largest donors toward democratic politicians, including Hillary Clinton. During the previous election, he had also put millions of dollars toward super PACs in opposition to Donald Trump.

What the Future May Have in Store for Open Society

Despite massive donations, the foundation does not plan to increase funding towards grants or programs in the coming days. However, the fresh infusion of funds by Soros will certainly aid the foundations in their operations, and will very likely go towards furthering human rights and democracy around the world. Nonetheless, controversy is bound to follow Soros wherever he goes, and the recent reveal of this massive donation is bound to attract significant attention, both negative as well as positive.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

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In the wake of President Trump’s recent pardoning of the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, former newspaper magnets, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, have expressed a general sentiment of disappointment to go along with the outrage they have expressed during their longstanding feud.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been no stranger to controversy, racking up a considerable amount since he was elected to office in 1992, but the support of the President of the United States is not something that many should be shocked about. President Trump has been quite outspoken about his support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio prior to being elected and the former sheriff publicly supported trump during his campaign as well.

Despite the fact that Joe Arpaio was recently pardoned after being ousted by a judge for criminal contempt of court for actions he committed during the Melendres v. Arpaio trial, it was those actions, as well as his repeated brushes with Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, that ultimately led to his fall. While still acting sheriff, Joe Arpaio decided to have Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey arrested after one of their publications allegedly disclosed confidential information regarding the state of a grand-jury investigation.

This action, which clearly violated the constitutional rights of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, eventually led to them winning a decision regarding their unlawful arrest in which they were awarded $3.75 million in damages.

After winning their decision against Joe Arpaio and the Sheriff’s Department of Maricopa County, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey put their funds to use, choosing to start the Frontera Fund; a new non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and enforcing the rights of immigrants. The ordeal involving Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey, and Joe Arpaio, while spanning decades, took an additional five years in court before the duo would receive their due justice.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the former heads of the Phoenix New Times, and a number of other highly regarded publications, and while their vast empire reached new heights when they decided to sell their stock in 2012, their first publication got its start on the campus of Arizona State University in 1970. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Michael Lacey was already a dropout but decided to start the company with the help of two other students at Arizona State, and with the help of his business partner Jim Larkin, was able to get it off the ground, creating a steady audience. In 1983, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would take their publication to the next level with the purchase of Westword; a local new-and-arts weekly print publication. Shortly thereafter, their empire would expand to over 17 publications, including the Village Voice, LA Weekly, and Miami New Times.

These acquisitions would make Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s New Times brand a national powerhouse, spanning from coast to coast. At the time of their exit from the company, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had created and built a highly-recognized set of publications that were known for their in-depth reporting and journalistic honors.


Financial Services Provider Offers Its Clients Premier Commercial Banking, Institutional Services and Mortgage Banking

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NexBank Capital, Inc., (simply know as NexBank) is a popular Dallas-based financial service provider, specializing in commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking. Its customized banking products and financial services are sought by financial institutions and institutional clients nationwide to whom NexBank has exclusively catered. In essence, its executive management team can see how important the company’s products and services are to its U.S.-based clientele.

NexBank, somewhat of a cross between financial wizardry and banking savvy, announced the finalization of a $54 million private placement of fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes to high-net-worth and institutional investors.

While many of its clientele flock to the company for its expertise, the company is teeming with activity, as each industrious member of the executive management team and all subordinates in the company work in unison to serve many valued corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients.

NexBank Exemplifies the Best in Commercial Banking, Institutional Services and Mortgage Banking

It is often said that an affluent investor can have wealth or he or she can have happiness; however, that person cannot have both at the same time.

Without doubt, NexBank is able to disprove that maxim. To offer its clients the happiness and money for which they seek, the company provides them with the following products and services…

Commercial Banking

NexBank is widely recognized for its commitment to helping all clients during the entire funding process to ensure they secure the financing they need to spark long-term growth and fund essential operations.

Institutional Services

NexBank provides the right financial services with which to fund corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients around the U.S.

Mortgage Banking

When one of America’s financial service providers offers great savings and true value, a client is likely to receive what he or she deserves, and can expect. NexBank boldly and proudly offers a viable funding solutions with which today’s mortgage professionals meet their needs.

The company’s efforts in becoming the leading provider of banking products and financial services is apparent. With a keen knowledge understanding of finance, NexBank’s professionals expertly facilitate prompt funding.

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People Can’t Go Wrong With Market America

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People that like to shop will love doing business with Market America via They will have a great experience when they finding the products that they need and love. The prices are nice and reasonable, and people love to get the great deals that they find with Market America.

Market America is a company that was created in 1992. Being based in Greensboro, NC is the hub for the company, but they have locations in Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. With all the places that are available to people all over the globe, they will have ample choices to shop for products that they love.

Some of the great products that they offer through Market America are cosmetics, anti-aging and home and garden items. There is also some automotive items that are also available. People will love the prices that they will receive from this company.

When people decide that they want to deal with this company, they will be pleased. Since most people like to save money, they will be glad that they deal with Market America. Not only can they shop online so they don’t have to go out to a store, they will be able to get deals. When they shop online, they don’t have to deal with parking spaces or lines, and they can shop at any time of the day or night that they want to. Since a person can be comfortable and in their own home, it gives them the ability to shop around all of their other responsibilities.

The future for this company looks great. They will attract more customers as they go forward. People will tell other people that they know about how pleased they are with the company. With all this in their favor, the company is going to do even better down the line.

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Sussex Health Care, Providing Patients With Options

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Sussex Health Care is a well known large chain of care homes located throughout the United Kingdom. This care home facility has a total of 20 care homes so far in the county. The care home is very popular for proving their patients with options to help them achieve the overall goal of them becoming independent. One of Sussex Health Care’s new locations recently built a new gym. The gym has top of the line products, classes, and many fun activities for the residents to participate in. Sussex Health Care has done a great job with providing the residents with a variety of things to do within the care home.

The gym is located near Horsham in the area of West Sussex. This is a very convenient location for people who live in the western area of Sussex. This gym is perfect for elders of the community and the residents in Sussex Health Care as well. This is because people of the neighborhood are able to go to Sussex’s gym as long as they are elder.

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Elders of the community and the residents of Sussex Health Care are able to interact with each other in a variety of ways. They are able to participate in classes together, swim together, complete exercise together, and complete many more activities together as well. This is a great opportunity for residents who do live at Sussex Health Care to experience the diversity of people who live in the surrounding neighborhood of Horsham.

Sussex Health Care purposely set this gym up for residents like this so that they can have a chance to experience independence and gain more confidence while conversing with different people who live in the neighborhood. Sussex Health Care’s main priority is to help give their residents a great quality of life and independence while they are in the care of the care home.

Many of the community and the residents of Sussex Health Care have been enjoying the new gym. The new gym is filled with quality exercise equipment. For Sussex, providing the residents with this gym is another way of providing the residents with another form of therapy. The residents and people of the community have been enjoying the new gym and all of the gym’s benefits.

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