Jim Larkin: Hero Of The Working Person

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Jim Larkin may not have been born in Dublin, Ireland but his life and career will forever be tied to the Irish capital where the socialist trade union leader made his name and his reputation.

Born in Liverpool in 1874, Jim Larkin left school with few qualifications and worked a variety of part-time jobs in order to help his family before finding his true calling as a union organizer in 1905 for the National Union of Dock Laborers.

The radical ideas and overt socialist ideology of the union leader led to him being exiled to Dublin where less than 10 percent of the workforce were union members.

Larkin spent the most successful part of his career in Dublin, Ireland looking to create a new working culture for the workers of the nation including the unskilled workers who had often been ignored by the unions that did exist; Larkin created the Transport and General Workers Union and the Irish Labour Party which remain his legacy in the 21st-century. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/easterrising/profiles/po08.shtml and http://www.historyireland.com/20th-century-contemporary-history/big-jim-larkin-hero-and-wrecker/

The 1913 Dublin Lockout was the crowning glory of the career of Jim Larkin as the result was more than 100,000 workers striking for more than eight months under the leadership of Larkin.

Widely seen as a failure because of a dedicated campaign on behalf of the newspaper barons of Ireland and England, the Dublin Lockout has been reevaluated by modern scholars as a turning point in relations between employees and employers in Ireland, particularly for unskilled workers.

By 1914, in the wake of the aftermath of the Dublin Lockout, Jim Larkin set sail for America in a bid to start a public speaking career which he had not planned but felt he could begin with ease.

After joining the Socialist Workers Party in New York, Larkin was jailed for his socialist beliefs and would be deported from the U.S. in 1920 and failed to find himself a role in the socialist party of Ireland but was elected as a member of the Labour Party.

Since his death in 1947, the legacy of Jim Larkin has been reassessed with many believing his role in Irish politics should be of the highest importance.

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The guru of plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich

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Fifty-two years ago, a surgeon by the name Thomas Baker invited fellow surgeons to perform live surgeries with the intention of training aspiring surgeons in the United States. The event was attended by several surgeons from all over the country, and the tradition has been held on up to this era. Currently, the event is known as the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium that is held annually and is responsible for training thousands of plastic surgeons in the country. Behind the symposium is a group of well-regarded faculty members including Dr. Rod Rohrich who chaired this year’s symposium among the three conferences that he is said to chair including the 21st worldwide Dallas medicine and cosmetics surgery meeting and the 35th Dallas Rhinoplasty meeting.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a renowned plastic surgeon as well as an educator and innovative spearhead in the scene of plastic surgery. With a certification by the American Plastic Surgeon’s Board and a medical degree from the University of Baylor, Ron runs a private practice clinic. His practice is located in University Hospitals and the Institute of Plastic Surgery at Dallas. Furthermore, he is a professor at the Dallas Southwestern Medical Centre for plastic surgery to which he also plays the role of founding chairperson and the president of the Plastic Surgery Academic Chairmen Association.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an active member of several professional associations and societies like the ASPS, ABPS and ASAPS that are all involved in plastic surgery. He also holds two decades of experience in organized medicine under his sleeves and holds a patent on new breast implants and has also developed educational approaches that aim at bringing technological advancement into plastic surgery.

Dr. Rohrich has received numerous awards for his contribution in the world of plastic surgery through research and teaching. All this experience makes him the right person to chair these events where he is also scheduled to perform a number of live surgeries. He will be joined by a team of expert surgeons that will take part in the events and also offer their insight on plastic surgery and hopefully inspire the up-coming group of plastic surgeons that will be in attendance as well as those who have been in the scene for a while but yearn to learn something new.

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Aloha Construction Repairs Winter Weather Damage

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Aloha Construction, Inc. is one of the premier sources for roofing, gutter and siding repair in the greater Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. The company’s headquarters are based in Lake Zurich, Illinois and they have an office located in Bloomington, IL. Aloha Construction’s team of siding professionals all have received their certificates from the Vinyl Siding Institute. They are experts that work with a large variety of siding materials including stucco, aluminum, fiber cement, vinyl, hardee board, face brick, wood and countless others. The company offers a 10-year workmanship warranty for all of their services as well as free property inspections. Get details on Aloha Construction at Porch.

As a local business, Aloha Construction completely understands the damaging aftermath of winter’s weather in the Illinois and the surrounding areas. They’ve repaired plenty of homes and businesses that were hit with ice and wind damage. Aloha’s roofers follow a 9-step inspection process that acts as a fail-safe to deliver the best results for pinpointing the exact cause of the damage. This handy process can also help the bonded and insured roofers understand how much life is left on the roof’s shingles so they can be fully replaced if needed. Aloha Construction have proudly finished more than 20,000 projects in the Midwest. Learn more about Aloha Construction at Home Advisor.

Aloha Construction was established in 2008 by founder and CEO, Mr. Dave Farbaky. He created the Dave Farbaky Foundation as an extension of his company. His charitable organization have given back to their community and supported their local youth by partnering with the Omni-Youth Center and Communities That Care charities. In 2017, Aloha Construction were awarded with the prestigious Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for their charitable nature and savvy workplace ethics. The awards are given out each year to businesses that have demonstrated they have practiced the high standards that the B.B.B. consistently promote. Aloha were nominated for a total of nine awards that year.

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Desiree Perez Is One Of The Most Powerful Negotiators In The Music Business

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Desiree Perez is a record executive who is considered to be one of the most powerful women in the music industry. She is known for being extremely private about her personal life, but her success in closing major record deals speak to her intelligence and natural talent as a businesswoman.

Desiree Perez has made most of her major deals while working with the group Roc Nation. Roc Nation is a collective of musicians that was founded by Jay-Z who Desiree Perez has enjoyed a twenty year long business relationship with. During this time, she has helped close business deals on behalf of Jay-Z and artists associated with him.

Desiree Perez was behind the closing of a major deal on behalf of Beyonce for her world stadium tour. This tour included forty-nine dates along with a performance during the Super Bowl Half Time Show. The tour was extremely profitable and boosted the sales of her sixth label.

Desiree Perez was able to negotiate a deal to have Sprint invest two hundred million dollars in the music streaming service TIDAL. In addition, she was able to create a unique deal to have a million people download Jay-Z’s album before its official release. This allowed the album to turn platinum before it was even released. This move caused the album to receive massive exposure to people not acquainted with Jay-Z and caused it to sell six hundred thousand additional albums following its official release. In addition, Desiree was able to sign a two hundred million dollar touring contract between Jay-Z and Roc Nation, and she was able to increase his sponsorship with Puma by twenty-one percent. These accomplishments demonstrate that Desiree Perez really is one of the best negotiators in the music business.

Desiree Perez’s  Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Desiree-Perez


Support Positions Are Available For CTCA Hospitals

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When it comes to fighting the scourge of cancer, support personnel are needed in the struggle. Oncologists typically lead the way in the fight against cancer, but they couldn’t get that far without the help of their support staff. Support staff positions include everything from a circulating RN and Certified Medical Assistants to a Respiratory Therapist or a CT Technologist. Some of the key support positions that are available here will be presented in the following information.

Advanced Practice Provider

An Advanced Practice Provider is an RN that will provide patient focused care. Applicants will need a RN and CRNP licenses. Candidates should also have completed a program that has been approved by the Committee on Allied Health Education of the American Medical Association Council. They will also need an updated current Physician Assistant license to work this job. Current BLS/CPR and ACLS Certifications are also necessary to provide this type of service for patience. Positions are available in the Pennsylvania and the Illinois CTCA hospitals.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a leading organization in the fight against cancer. This is a for profit business that was established in 1988. They are always in need of outstanding medical help to ensure that patients are receiving high quality care. They use the latest research, technologies and medications in the fight against this ominous disease.

Another support position for the CTCA hospitals are Graduate RNs. These individuals are Graduate Registered Nurses that work in various areas including ICU, IMCU, Infusion, Inpatient and ASURE. All of these positions are very important to the people receiving cancer treatment. Registered Nurses that work in these areas will collaborate treatment plans with patients, their families and their caregivers. Graduate RN Positions are available at the Southeastern CTCA hospital located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other Clinical and Support Opportunities are available for Certified Medical Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and an Oncology Nurse Practitioner. RN Pain Management, RN Patient Navigator and Surgical Oncology Nurses are other positions that for qualified applicants. Keep in mind that many of the Clinical Support positions that are available for employment are for registered nurses. You can check the Cancer Treatment Centers of America website for more information about available support positions.

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Barbara Stokes – Constructively Providing Disaster Relief

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A dream house built to one’s preferences is high on the wishlist of every person. Barbara Stokes leads a firm that achieves precisely that. Green Structure Homes is an Alabama based company that provides construction services for all types of homes. The deliver their operations to all areas of North America. Scott and Barbara Sokes created the green Structure Homes enterprise in the year 2008. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Barbara Stokes received a degree in Physics and Biomedical Engineering in 2001 form the Mercer University located in Georgia. She also has expertise in diverse subjects such as Manufacturing and Management, Structures and Properties of Materials, Thermodynamics, and Technical Communication. Barbara Stokes is a competent leader for the Green Structure Homes organization. She functions as the Chief Executive Officer of this company. She has previous experience in the industry through her work at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. Barbara Stokes also has knowledge of acquiring and fulfilling government manufacturing contracts. Under her aegis, Green Structure Homes has designed and delivered many structures to meet the needs of the United States Navy and Army.


The chief capability of Green Structure Homes is to provide complete or turn-key structures. The firm’s executives have over 30 years of expertise in construction, design, and implementation. Over the past years, Green Structure Homes has constructed bullet resistant structures for guards as part of a United States Navy endorsed project. The firm completed over 250 private construction undertakings that involved building offices and homes. Further, Green Structure Homes successfully built and delivered in the modular complexes in the Mississippi State University location. They also planned and finished Missippi student residential apartments. Follow Barbara Stokes on Linkedin.com.


Green Structure Homes has accomplished many ventures assigned by the United States Army and Air Force. These include the development and manufacture of security posts, buildings, and underground storage facilities to accommodate massive units.


A significant role of the Green Structure Homes is the work it does for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is a government agency that responds to and provides relief in situations of disasters and hazards. Barbara Stokes recently announced the opening up of job opportunities at Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Minnesota. This will help create career for the local workforce of these areas as well as extend the disaster management work of the FEMA. The Fema recently awarded the Green sStrure Homes company 28.5 million dollars to continue its disaster recovery efforts.

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The All-New Plushies by Lime Crime

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Lime Crime has done it again. This cosmetics brand has really been bringing the heat as of late and 2018 will be no different. This exclusive brand has just unveiled its new product, and it’s already garnering plenty of attention. This product just so happens to be known as Plushies. The product is already been named “the cutest release ever,” and it looks to be living up to the hype. Plushies is basically a lip tint that can make your lips more soft and plush. For those who would like a more subtle appearance, this product is definitely for you.

One of the best features about this product is that it can be used alone. Plushies have the potential to enhance your lips’ natural color. The product’s actual description says that it’s a soft focus lip veil. Since it’s described as a lip tint type of product, users will receive a subtle shade of coverage that can last all day. Plushies are a great alternative to the standard liquid-matte lip sticks. Lime Crime has built a solid customer-base from its shimmer and heavy matte lip sticks. All eyes will definitely be staring straight at you thanks to their glistening and glamor capabilities. Plushies are far more subtle and reserved. Yes, you’ll surely get some attention, but more so in a classical-elegant type of way.

Plushies is another product by this dynamic brand that is revolutionizing pop culture. This product comes in many different colors such as black velvet, butterscotch, cola, marmalade, jam, smokey and many more. To give your lips the very best results, try exfoliating the lips and then apply some lip balm. After the product dries, trying using your finger to pat down on your lips. This action will create the ultimate in plush appearance. Lime Crime just has a knack for bringing new product to the forefront of the industry, and the company’s founder plays a crucial role in the development process.

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Anthony Petrello Provides Harvey Assistance

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Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast from August to September 2017 leaving many homeless and jobless due to the range of damage done. Those who were able went out to help others with relief efforts while attempting to survive the aftermath themselves. Many helped with relief efforts, including Anthony Petrello and Nabors Industries. Many of these employees took time off from work to give their due and help as needed in an attempt to get Houston back to normal after such a life altering natural disaster. Around 10 percent of Nabors employees were directly affected by the Hurricane and still many lent a helping hand to try and help.

Anthony Petrello started the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to those in need in the Greater Houston area. It was used to help provide a boots on the ground, hands on relief effort and kept local families close to heart. When families were hungry and needed a hot plate, Nabors Industries opened up their own kitchens to provide 3 meals a day to make sure the local families were cared for. Not only was it a humanitarian move by Anthony Petrello, there was financial assistance as well.

Mr. Petrello is originally from New Jersey, but currently calls Houston home with his wife Cynthia. The two are very involved in philanthropic endeavors as they and they are well known for helping various causes. As a graduate of both Harvard and Yale University, Anthony Petrello also helps his alma mata. He attended Yale and had taken a very positive outlook on life from a Professor by the name of Serge Lang. Professor Lang also happened to be Anthony’s mentor which meant he held a close bond with him. Professor Lang recently passed and to honor his memory, Anthony decided to donate at last $150,000 in an endowment fund. After it caught on with many more beloved students of Professor Lang, they donated as well and Anthony matched their donations with another $150,000. So this just goes to show that helping those who you love and hold dear can have a far greater impact than you could ever imagine.

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Clayton Hutson-Success!

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When it comes to sound production, Clayton Hutson is the posterchild in being the Jack of all trades in his field. Hutson is an expert in various roles of sound production which include being an FOH (or Main House Mixer), Monitor Engineer, Automation Operator, and a Production/Tour Manager. Hutson has worked with various artists throughout his career as a Sound Engineer, including the likes of Maxwell, Jill Scott, Marilyn Manson, and Aaron Lewis, just to name a few. It takes a team of people who have a keen ear for music and intonation to produce a high quality sound for the performances of the artists listed above, and Hutson has been doing it for over 25 years. In order for Hutson and his team to produce the sound quality at the levels that they do, Hutson relies on the consoles of DigiCo and Kinesys to give a high quality sound expectation, in a quick amount of time. Learn more: https://www.clayhutson.com


Hutson utilizes the streamlined usability of DigiCo’s SD models to provide perfection for major artists every time. Clayton Hutson is not just recent consumer of the company’s consoles, he has used DigiCo’s products since the early 2000s, with the purchase of their SD5 console. Now, almost to decades later, Hutson is still on board with the company’s consoles as he uses the SD11 and relies on it, not only for the sound quality, but for the convenience of travel. He also relies on the Kinesys Elevation +1 to assist in his automation productions.


He has provided his services for an array of venues, including casinos, churches, festivals, and sold-out concerts of monumental proportions. Although Clayton Hutson provides his expertise to major music artists, he also makes his services available to those who may have a slimmer budget to work with, but still want the top notch sound quality, and stage production that Hutson can provide.


All of this is to say that Clayton Hutson is truly particular about the technologies that he uses for his sound production, and is the go-to guy for Sound Engineering when the task at hand is crucial. It does not matter how big or small the stage production may seem, Clayton Hutson is the one to call when the expertise is needed.


Shervin Pishevar Does It All

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In a nutshell it’s easy to say that Shervin Pishevar is a man of means. But, what does this really mean? The details of the statement require little bit of explanation and deserve a closer look. The first and most important thing to know about this professionals that he is most dedicated to his entrepreneurship. This makes them a pioneer in the field of venture capitalism, on top of being an angel investor. But he’s also a businessman, he co-founded and was the managing director of Sherpa Adventures. This enterprise is based out of San Francisco, and it operates a venture capital firm.

However, Sherpa Ventures is not the only outstanding item on his resume. Before holding this position, he is known as the managing director for Menlo Ventures. They credit him for being a driving force behind the fund. Moreover, he is not just a money man, because Shervin Pishevar also has a experience in running technology-based companies. These include Webs.com, the Social Gaming Network and HyperOffice.

The companies he has a hand in founding know about success on levels that other organizations could only dream of. Specifically, hundreds of millions of users and multi millions of dollars in commerce and trade are the results of his efforts. But, he’s not just in business for himself and has a penchant for helping others. That’s why Shervin Pishevar, is known as an angel investor and is often the source of seed investments.

More than 60 companies know this for a fact. They thrive in the field of social commerce, search and media sectors. Fields that he is known to influence include AdTech and mobile technology. So copious and effective are the choices he makes in business that even the US government has to recognize his prowess. This is why the US government knows him as an Outstanding American by Choice.

This shines as a double honor, because he is only one in a hundred naturalized Americans to receive the accolade. And, there’s a reason why he deserves the attention. Shervin Pishevar contributes to The Advisory Board of Comscore. This is on top of being a member of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council where he serves as an ambassador to several state departments to include the Middle East and Russia.

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