Neurocore Is Helping People Live Their Best Lives

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Neurocore has been changing people’s lives for the better since 2004. The company’s proven track record for using positive biofeedback in the treatment of mental health disorders has been well established. Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the staff at Neurocore work with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Visit to…

Fortress Investment Group: Transforming to Become a Successful Investment Firm

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The Fortress Investment Group has been around for more than two decades, being established in 1998. The company developed an expertise in managing acquisitions and mergers, and they are also one of the leading private equity firms in the United States that offer financial and investment management services. The company’s headquarters can be found in…

New York Executive Wes Edens Scores A “Slam Dunk” With IPO

Posted on June 22, 2018 By

Wesley R. Edens is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group. He is a successful American businessman, and his role at the company is that of Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company is located in New York City. It conducts business as an alternative investment company, and it is widely known to…

The Admirable Success of Peter Briger

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Peter Briger is a renowned billionaire in the world of management and business whose prowess is quite admirable. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in B.A from Princeton University and M.B.A from Wharton School, Briger expounded his skills and expertise in Goldman Sachs Company. He later left Goldman after fifteen years of service where he later…

Silent Partner, Successful Businessman: OG Juan Perez

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Few outside of the listeners of Jay-Z’s famous, “Black Album”, have heard of OG Juan. But this is a man that is amongst the inner circle of the hip-hop titan Jay-Z. Just recently, OG Juan Perez was celebrating a birthday party with Jay-Z and wife Beyonce. Let’s take a look at OG Juan Perez and…

Jeremy Goldstein, a transformational advisor

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Jeremy Goldstein has emerged as one of the most reliable mentors who offer valuable and positive advice on matters executive compensation and corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein is a better half at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, an elite law firm that has impacted significantly on the upscaling of firms and stakeholder’s profit margins through giving…

Heal N Soothe-Heals From The Inside Out

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  Heal N Soothe offers many great benefits. It is known for its effectiveness against joint pain and inflammation, but it has also been known to clear up eczema and toe fungus in those who take it as well.   Heal N Soothe is a supplement that works to heal the entire body. It is…

Paul Herdsman Describes Starting An Outsourced Customer Service Company

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NICE Global stands for Nearshore Inbound Call Experts named such because it’s located just off the coastline of Montero Bay in Jamaica, but its acronym of “nice” is actually quite true about how things are done at the company. The company is managed by several executives that include Principal and Chief Operating Officer Paul Herdsman….

Billionaire CEO Of GreenSky Credit Never Graduated From High School But Made a Fortune

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GreenSky Credit is a financial technology company that is valued at an astonishing three billion dollars with over one million customers. GreenSky Credit provides the necessary technology to banks that allow them to easily and effectively give customers loans. GreenSky Credit services loans for over a dozen banks across the United States. According to an…

The Successful Career of Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

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The Successful Career of Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group Peter Briger is well known as a finance executive in the industry of businesses. Joining the list of the leading 400 professionals in the Forbes List, he has learned to craft his career around the industry that provides clients with high investment ideas. As of…