The Rise Of The Cloud Rapper

Posted on March 14, 2017 By


Travis Scott

Travis Scott has plenty of iconic hits to discuss to go with his rapper fashion. He’s done “Antidote”, “Bake Sale”, and others that exemplify his style. He’s perhaps one of the most distinct examples of the Cloud Rap and everything it represents. When you listen to a Travis Scott song you’re immediately engaged with the ambient beats and the dreamlike lyrical flow. He has all of the themes you would expect from rap music like weed and glamorous living, but there’s a deeper side to Travis Scott. He wants to show us everything that Cloud Rap can offer and he wants to make his mark on the world.



ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky emerged fairly early this decade with his hit “Pesos”. His unique style took off at time when there simply weren’t any other rappers with his dreamy and ambient style. In fact, you could even argue that the Cloud Rap genre is largely the product of the work of ASAP Rocky and the way he managed to make himself known for putting lyrics alongside surreal beats. As years have gone by other rappers have taken note of his style and produced their own Cloud Rap with a similar focus. Cloud rap is an example of a true transformation in hip hop. Hip hop has come a long way from the early 80s style to where it is at today. Years from now we may not even recognize rap music at all thanks to innovators like ASAP Rocky.