A Look At The Lifeline Screening Company’s Commitment To Accurate Screening Results

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Background Information On The Lifeline Screening Company

Lifeline Screening is a healthcare company that provides health screenings at community based events and community centers. The mission of Lifeline Screening is to screen people for unrecognized health problems and then have them seek treatment or consultation at their physician. Lifeline Screening does not treat health problems. The company screens and detects health problems that can often go unnoticed or undetected.

To ensure the most accurate results from screening procedures performed by Lifeline Screening all screening results will be reviewed by a board certified physician before being finalized. Each kind of screening result is seen by a specialist in that particular screening area. This means that cardio screenings will be reviewed by cardiologists, vascular test results by vascular surgeons and x-ray screenings will be viewed by radiologists.

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An additional measure taken by Lifeline Screening is that company laboratories are in full compliance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. Further measures include a strict adherence to protocols when ultrasound screenings are made and following recommended suggestions when both normal and abnormal results are classified following an ultrasound. All technicians who perform ultrasound and cardiovascular screenings are also members at the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and the Cardiovascular Credentialing International Group.

More measures to maximize accuracy include having a second opinion whenever abnormal results are found in health screenings. This ensures that a problem diagnosed by Lifeline Screening is due to an actual health problem or risk and not an anomaly in the test results or screening process. Lifeline Screening also has random audits throughout the entire year occur to ensure that compliance and high standards are applied to each and every screening. Fellow physicians are also recruited to look at the results that Lifeline Screening hired physicians have overseen as an additional double check measure.

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