Advice To Entrepreneurs As Given By Guilherme Paulus

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As The Shared Tourism Magazine set out to cover the Top seller event they were eager as everyone else to hear the story of Guilherme Paulus. This was a man who had managed to beat the odds and become a self-made billionaire.

He had been born in an ordinary family that would in fact not afford to pay his college fee, but he still ended up starting his own companies and growing them into influential players within the Brazilian tourism industry. Both CVC and GJP are relatively powerful within the category they each represent with CVC being the biggest tour operator in the entire region.

The Top Seller Event is meant to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs who then get a mentored by those who have been in the industry for long, giving them pointers on what to do in order to succeed. For Guilherme Paulus, he offered a number of them that include:

Do not be afraid to risk
He advised aspiring entrepreneurs to accept that with every venture one assumes an inherent risk given that the venture might fail and as such one could get easily exposed to loss.

Be optimistic
This is a value that every aspiring entrepreneur should possess. He notes that at one point or the other it is the only thing that will keep you going. Drawing from experience, Guilherme Paulus remembers a time when CVC almost closed and were it not for his optimism in those first nine years it would never have succeeded.

Be determined
This is what will drive any entrepreneur to his ultimate goal. It will ensure that frustrations not to get the better of you and see you lose direction.

Love what you do
Guilherme Paulus realized early on that despite having experienced the opportunities that lay in computing it was not what he would have loved to do for the rest of his life. Once he joined Casa Faro and had a taste of the tourism industry Guilherme Paulus knew he had found what he loved. This is what helped him nurture a business that was under performing in every aspect because despite not having much it is something himself doing for the rest of his life.

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