Alex Hern Looks the Future With VR Technology

Posted on August 30, 2018 By

Alex Hern has been working to improve technology for over 25 years. In order to further this goal, he founded Tsunami XR, a company designed to create innovate software to take advantage of the newest technologies. His most recent venture is into the world of Virtual Reality, often simply referred to as VR. Alex Hern is fascinated by simulating an individual’s sight, smell, touch, hearing and vision. A recent article on the website Hi-Tech Chronicle explores this venture in greater detail. Learn more about Alex at

Current VR technology rely on headsets to cover your eyes and bring that immersive experience directly to you. There many brands on the market, but generally the prices remain affordable for the average gamer. The software has also expanded into other industries such as aviation and medicine. Vision is important, but audio is also vital to the immersion experience. It uses modern technology to simulate precise sounds coming from a certain direction, as if the user was actually there. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

VR technology has the capabilities to interact with our other senses. The concept of tactile inputs for touch is still in its testing phase. Companies have been testing a suit that will react accordingly with your body and the environment in the game. Taste & smell on the other hand, are still at the brainstorming stage. Developers are exploring ways to integrate scent through timed perfume releases or an add-on to make the environment smell natural as with the game.

The future of technology is rapidly approaching with the development of VR systems. Video games, aerospace, and even the medical industry can use them to perform simulations and train individuals for the work they may perform. Alex Hern’s company Tsunami XR is at center stage on this technological advancement. The upcoming VR equipment will be able incorporate nearly all of our human senses into electronic senses, and in turn the market projections are looking strong for the upcoming years.