Alex Poll, A Milestone And A Half

Posted on April 12, 2018 By

Alex Pall is the singer and songwriter for The Chainsmokers, and their music continues to touch fans in their hearts and their ears to this very day. They seek to share a sense of commonality with the masses as they prefer to delve into the depths of their current psyches processes.

The Chainsmokers met in a quirky and unexpected way, however, as they had no prior plans to meeting that memorable day in the throes of New York City, and without a compass for success, their coincidental introduction leads to the songs the world knows and loves as Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall.

Alex was always a DJ, and he would derive soul and joy from playing on his musical item by catching gigs in the facilities of New York City. He had a side job as a serviceman in an art exhibit store, and he only did that to pay his rent and keep food in his stomach. But as the days of pursuing his love of music continued, Alex Pall realized that the songs he created were not the only excitement he savored as an artist, but he also thoroughly enjoyed the journey of pursuing a taste of effort that the common man in New York City would perceive delirious.

It would be laughable to try to do fun for money in a place where its reputation was renowned for its stockbrokers and daytime workers, but that is what inspired Alex more than anything other than the musical notation itself. It then became an epiphany to Alex Pall that this was something to be immersed in. In that very time frame, his music booker informed him of a man by the name of Andrew Taggart. The pair soon exerted their energy into the magic that soon hit the history books.

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