An Overview on Cone Marshall and on the Tax Transparency of New Zealand

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Cone Marshall in an article posted on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LInkedIn back in 2012 about New Zealand being a Tax transparency model demystified the claims that New Zealand was a tax haven. Mr. Cone debunked this notion and explained that this was further from the truth since New Zealand was among the first countries that became charter members of the gold standard for transparency. This means that the country subscribes to all the set principles by the 2002 OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Model Agreement, on the information exchange on tax matters.

He further expounded that the only reason more foreign trusts had increased in New Zealand was as a result of recognizing New Zealand as a stable, safe, a jurisdiction with good laws, legal and professional infrastructure and a judiciary that is well regarded. He added that the global reputation held by New Zealand of being a safe place to invest in assets also resulted in the increase of foreign trusts. Cone Marshall has being a strict adherent of the highest tax and trust transparency principles.

Cone Marshall is a law firm based in New Zealand that deals in International tax and trusts. It was established in the year 1999 and it is based in Parnell House, Auckland. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are the principals in this law firm. Karen Marshall, before joining Cone Marshall, was based in London for about 10 years working at a law firm in the department dealing with Commercial Litigation. She has been at Cone Marshall from 2005 and became a principal there in 2006. She acts as the adviser to the statutory trustee companies and is vastly experienced in managing trusts generally. Geoffrey Cone on the other hand has offered trustee and trust management and international trust and tax planning services since 1980.

About Cone Marshall

This is a law firm that works with the international families together with their advisers. Cone Marshall assists by establishing New Zealand partnerships, companies and trusts and providing advice on global wealth. It provides its services to private banks, attorneys, trustees, family advisers and various institutions found outside New Zealand to help in planning for clients. Cone Marshall provides in full the New Zealand trust, tax, succession, administrative services and structuring advice.

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