Anthony Petrello More Than Just A Bussinessman

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Anthony Petrello has been the Chief Executive Officer for Nabors Industries since October of 2011 and its President since 1992. Mr. Petrello is a dynamic leader and strives for business excellence in every category. Mr. Petrello has served as the Chief Operating Officer since 1991.

Anthony Petrello received his J.D. Degree from Harvard University and has helped him become one of Houston’s most powerful and influential leaders. Mr. Petrello has been recognized as an important businessman and an elite member of the City Of Houston. Anthony Petrello is known as a down to earth human being, and someone who would help anyone in need. Mr. Petrello’s good heart is visible by his constant attention to his community, and his ability to support Houston and the surrounding areas with his well known leadership style. Mr. Petrello believes that life is short and that if a person has a chance to make an impact on the world they should. The Petrello’s are in a position to support financially what ever they choose, and are determined to continue to strive and provide much needed resources to various areas in the state of Texas.

In addition, Anthony Petrello has also been involved in numerous charitable organizations, mostly within the medical community. Impacted by his daughters condition, Mr. Tony Petrello has donated over 7 million dollars to aid research for Cerebral Palsy at Texas Children’s Hospital. This type of financial gift will allow the Hospital to grow, expand, and further the mission of the Hospital. In addition serving in a board member capacity Mr. Petrello has been able to influence and gather donations totaling more than 250 million dollars for the center. Anthony Petrello has been a successful leader, a person who continues to pay his good fortune forward each day.



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