Anthony Petrello Provides Harvey Assistance

Posted on February 14, 2018 By

Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast from August to September 2017 leaving many homeless and jobless due to the range of damage done. Those who were able went out to help others with relief efforts while attempting to survive the aftermath themselves. Many helped with relief efforts, including Anthony Petrello and Nabors Industries. Many of these employees took time off from work to give their due and help as needed in an attempt to get Houston back to normal after such a life altering natural disaster. Around 10 percent of Nabors employees were directly affected by the Hurricane and still many lent a helping hand to try and help.

Anthony Petrello started the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to those in need in the Greater Houston area. It was used to help provide a boots on the ground, hands on relief effort and kept local families close to heart. When families were hungry and needed a hot plate, Nabors Industries opened up their own kitchens to provide 3 meals a day to make sure the local families were cared for. Not only was it a humanitarian move by Anthony Petrello, there was financial assistance as well.

Mr. Petrello is originally from New Jersey, but currently calls Houston home with his wife Cynthia. The two are very involved in philanthropic endeavors as they and they are well known for helping various causes. As a graduate of both Harvard and Yale University, Anthony Petrello also helps his alma mata. He attended Yale and had taken a very positive outlook on life from a Professor by the name of Serge Lang. Professor Lang also happened to be Anthony’s mentor which meant he held a close bond with him. Professor Lang recently passed and to honor his memory, Anthony decided to donate at last $150,000 in an endowment fund. After it caught on with many more beloved students of Professor Lang, they donated as well and Anthony matched their donations with another $150,000. So this just goes to show that helping those who you love and hold dear can have a far greater impact than you could ever imagine.

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