Barbara Stokes – Constructively Providing Disaster Relief

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A dream house built to one’s preferences is high on the wishlist of every person. Barbara Stokes leads a firm that achieves precisely that. Green Structure Homes is an Alabama based company that provides construction services for all types of homes. The deliver their operations to all areas of North America. Scott and Barbara Sokes created the green Structure Homes enterprise in the year 2008. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Barbara Stokes received a degree in Physics and Biomedical Engineering in 2001 form the Mercer University located in Georgia. She also has expertise in diverse subjects such as Manufacturing and Management, Structures and Properties of Materials, Thermodynamics, and Technical Communication. Barbara Stokes is a competent leader for the Green Structure Homes organization. She functions as the Chief Executive Officer of this company. She has previous experience in the industry through her work at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. Barbara Stokes also has knowledge of acquiring and fulfilling government manufacturing contracts. Under her aegis, Green Structure Homes has designed and delivered many structures to meet the needs of the United States Navy and Army.


The chief capability of Green Structure Homes is to provide complete or turn-key structures. The firm’s executives have over 30 years of expertise in construction, design, and implementation. Over the past years, Green Structure Homes has constructed bullet resistant structures for guards as part of a United States Navy endorsed project. The firm completed over 250 private construction undertakings that involved building offices and homes. Further, Green Structure Homes successfully built and delivered in the modular complexes in the Mississippi State University location. They also planned and finished Missippi student residential apartments. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Green Structure Homes has accomplished many ventures assigned by the United States Army and Air Force. These include the development and manufacture of security posts, buildings, and underground storage facilities to accommodate massive units.


A significant role of the Green Structure Homes is the work it does for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is a government agency that responds to and provides relief in situations of disasters and hazards. Barbara Stokes recently announced the opening up of job opportunities at Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Minnesota. This will help create career for the local workforce of these areas as well as extend the disaster management work of the FEMA. The Fema recently awarded the Green sStrure Homes company 28.5 million dollars to continue its disaster recovery efforts.


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