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Therefore, they are increasingly looking for food that is similar to humans. It is not surprising now to see that every person that has a dog wants to feed it food that has familiar ingredients.Beneful, a product of Nestle Purina PetCare, is popular among dog lovers. It has been scrutinized by critics, but according to Nestle it feeds more than 14 million dogs annually.The food as popular as is has been criticized for use of propylene glycol and colorful dyes. Propylene has been approved by the FDA but cannot be used for cat food, however. Critics have also complained about the use of mycotoxins in food which can be found in vast of dry pet foods.

These issues were raised and in early 2015 plaintiffs brought a class action suit against Nestle. The case is still pending in court. Nestle says that the lawyers have never produced any test results, and a third of the plaintiffs have withdrawn from the case.The Huffington Post did interview some of the team members involved with Beneful, and the full story can be found in an article there.Janet Jackson is currently the vice president of PetCare Nutrition Research, and her team is responsible the development of the nutritional innovation for Purina products.

Beneful dog food has different recipes which are, Originals with Real Chicken; Originals with Real Beef; Originals with Real Salmon. The company is still working on the amount of salmon required in origin with real formula ingredient will be available by 2017.Purina has removed added sugar from their ingredients and has also removed propylene glycol even though FDA recognizes it as safe.Beneful has made a lot of improvement to their products; not everyone will like their products, but Purina provides safe products. However, these changes have made Beneful will now be the lowest priced product and will be available to all dog lovers.The full article on Beneful can be found in here:

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