Canvassing With the New NGP VAN and MiniVAN Software

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NGP VAN is software that assists democratic candidates with canvassing. The NGP VAN software speeds up the process of canvassing. It allows for candidates to pay greater attention on the issues at hand than in the past.

With NGP VAN software democratic candidates can speed up the process of door to door canvassing. Canvassing efforts are not slowed and hindered by the fact the candidate and canvassing organizers have to print routes and manually enter data in the computer. Voter data is currently given to the candidate ahead of time through the NGP VAN software.

NGP VAN software is provided in what is called a MiniVAN. The MiniVAN will take all of voter data and process it into the app for Android or iPhone. This data is subsequently broken down by the MiniVAN and routes are given to the canvassers at a more efficient pace.

The canvassers also now have immediate access to voter data. If the voter is a veteran of the Armed Forces, the canvasser can simply talk about the candidates political views regarding veteran affairs. This makes getting in touch and trying to pursue the voters all the more efficient for the democratic candidates of any election.

In the past democratic candidates have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on canvassing projects. Now, with the NGP VAN and MiniVAN software, the cost is reduced substantially. This software makes organizing a canvassing project all the more easier and efficient for candidates.

Now, candidates can concentrate their canvassing efforts on voter issues. Individualize candidates issues and have canvassers speak only of issues individual voters are concerned about. This is well performed from the palm of the canvassers hand. The MiniVan features scripts the canvasser to say.

So, streamlining a canvas project is now easier than ever before. The new NGP VAN and MiniVAN make a canvassing project easier than ever before. The NGP VAN software will take the voters issues and party affiliation and input it to the output of the program. This way, candidates merely need to place emphasis on each individual voters issues. Then the candidate can get intimate with the voter. NGP VAN keeps campaigns and voters up to date with software through social media like Facebook.

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