Business Concepts

Tony Petrello- His involvement in business management and philanthropy

The mining and drilling industry is one of the lucrative industries in the business world. It attracts the best business minds as companies compete on the nest deal. The company that establishes itself as the giant takes home the best deals. This is something managers at Nabors Industries, understood when they appointed Anthony Petrello the…

Meet Mike Baur, the man behind the top privately funded Startup in Switzerland.

The entrepreneurial spirit of young Swiss people is recognized by many business experts and business professionals in the country. Many of these business experts have collaborated to support new ideas through guiding and funding them. Swiss Startup Factory is an excellent example of such companies under the leadership of its CEO and founder Mike Baur….

Sawyer Howitt: Born to Pursue

Sawyer Howitt is a passionate entrepreneur whose ripple effect in the business world has amazed many people. Despite being a second semester senior at Lincoln high school, Howitt possesses a unique ability to grasp business concepts. He perfectly understands the needs of a particular business and works towards finding ways of improving it to connect…