Inmate Communication

The Reasons Behind the Success of Rick Smith Securus at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a renowned leader in inventions and innovations. His leadership has aided in improving the standard of living of many people. His competent skills and leadership led to his appointment as the CEO of Securus Technologies. The company offers services which enable the inmates to contact their families through video or voice calls….

Securus Technologies – Highly Advanced Service Provider in Prison Technology Sector

Securus Technologies is the name to reckon with in the world of investigative technology and inmate communications. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations considerably and over a million inmates across the United States and Canada use its services. The primary aim of the company is to help integrate the modern and practical…

Get More Out Of Your Inmate Calling Features with A Leading Network Provider

Securus Technologies is the largest growing inmate communication provider in the industry. A PRN Newswire business column spoke about how their services are chosen $4 to $1 over competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. They deliver a highly interactive network that guarantees their customers their calling time and specified features. You can eliminate your commute to…