CEO Stephen Rotella Helps StoneCastle to Grow

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In early February, 2017, the story hit newswires across the nation that StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep, LLC (StoneCastle) has acquired Intermedium Financial, LLC (Intermedium). Intermedium is an insured deposit sweep business. StoneCastle is a leading provider of insured deposit technology and services. This bold purchase gives added strength to StoneCastle’s position as one of the leading insured deposit providers for institutional-level investors. It also puts paid to their core strategy of expanding into broker-dealer, financial advisor, and 401k market areas.


StoneCastle’s far-reaching experience in sales and marketing aids them in serving their institutional clients’ insured investment needs. StoneCastle also has one of the greatest prime banking networks in the country. The addition of the sweep capabilities, StoneCastle can apply its capable solutions to brokerage firms and registered investment advisors. The bonding of these companies will certainly cement any future growth while providing client value and growing their assets and profitability.


StoneCastle CEO, Stephen Rotella, claims that the corporation “plans to be a disruptive and differentiated force in the insured sweep industry.” Rotella states that the acquisition of InterLINK will both compliment and augment their technology-driven business.


StoneCastle is known to have a brilliant reputation in the industry that offers ambitious growth strategy. They are an investment adviser registered with the SEC. They are a leading manager of insured cash solutions for many of the world’s largest institutions. Stephen J. Rotella came on board at StoneCastle in 2001. He walked in the doors of StoneCastle with many years’ experience in the mortgage and investment fields. Rotella attended State University of New York, located in Stony Brook. He went on to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1975. From there, he earned his MBA in Finance and Information Systems in 1978 from State University of New York, Albany. Rotella’s impressive resume also includes serving as Chair and Director of BalletMet, a regional arts company in Ohio. He spent many years working in the retail brokerage, mutual fund and systems consulting industries.


Stephen Rotella also served as Head of Chase Home Financial of JPMorgan Chase & Co. as well as Chief Operating Officer of Chase Home Finance. The philanthropist was responsible for the retail, commercial and mortgage line of WMI Holdings Corp, as well as for the day-to-day operations. He also served as Acting Head of Home Loans Division of WMI Holdings Corp. from March to June of 2005. Standing on his experience as president of the Consumer Mortgage Coalition, Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance, LLC and Chair of Chase’s Housing Advisory Council, it’s no wonder why he was the perfect choice to serve as the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle. Having a 30-year business career, with a background in strategic operating leadership of financial services makes him an incredible leader for StoneCastle. His skills in asset management, and a seemingly bottomless experience in retail and internet banking help him focus on his community action.


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