Class Dojo Is Working To build Communication For Students Across Nations

Posted on April 6, 2018 By

Class Dojo is a fast growing educational program that is helping students become more engaged in their schooling and giving parents the ability to become involved in their child’s learning. Communication is an important part of every student’s learning, which is why Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don decided to do something about the lacking communication available to the schooling community and started up Class Dojo. This communication app allows parents to stay directly connected to their child while they are in school and learning, while also giving them direct contact with teachers to stay informed quickly. This is helping parents that have difficulty communicating and staying up to date with their child’s schoolwork.

One of the best parts of Class Dojo is the ability for all students to stay connected through their platform. Students from all around the world are able to upload videos from their classrooms that are then watched by students in different parts of the globe. This helps students experience different cultures and ask more questions about the world they are living in. Students are able to see the various similarities between themselves and their way of life compared to that of students thousands of miles away. This builds the communication skills of students that extend beyond their own languages and way of life to build a more human connection that will increase peoples ability to collaborate in the future.

Class Dojo first launched back in 2011 and they have already managed to spread around the globe, but this platform can be seen in the majority of K-8 schools in the U.S. today. One of the biggest factors that has aided in their expansion is the availability of their program. All students and parents can join in without any costs since Class Dojo is entirely free. Also, the app doesn’t require any personal details or sensitive information that parents wouldn’t want to give out for themselves or their child. With support for dozens of languages and nearly all smart devices, Class Dojo’s reach is wider than ever.

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