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A study conducted shows that most of us have about five dreams in each night. However, the likelihood of remembering any dream is minimal. Recently, a team of researchers found a pattern of the brain activity that seems to reveal when a dream is taking place and its content. Francesca Siclari, a researcher at Center for Research and Investigation in Sleep, said that a particular part of the brain registered more activity during a dream. Results showed that dreams occurred during rapid eye movement and also the non-REM phases of sleep.

The team monitored the electrical activities of 32 test subjects. By the look of the electrical activity of the brain, researchers were able to identify when a subject was dreaming. Additionally, the researcher conducted the brains’ activity in response to a given stimuli. Using this method, they understood the different reactions to the brain activity during a dream in the event of a face or movement. However, the main question still to be answered is how the brain changes from inactivity to fully conscious when we awake.

As the advancement of Technology continues to revolutionize and change the world, John Zhang made the headlines after he reported the birth of the first child to have three sets of blended DNA. The technique used to achieve this type of birth is called mitochondrial replacement therapy. The therapy was used to bypass a gene that led to the death of the lady’s child at the age of three. The birth is a breakthrough, but it resulted in the rise of many concerns both ethical and scientific. Additionally, the method used, according to critics, is still not approved in the United States.

Clay B Siegall is a name associated with Genetics. He is the founder of Seattle Genetics. Through this institution, he has devoted his life to conducting research on genes and ways of combating killer diseases like cancer. As the president of Seattle Genetics, he is responsible for steering the company towards achieving results through rigorous research in drug development.

Clay is instrumental in the development of drugs that help curb cancer. Through his company, he has developed ADC Technology, one of the best methods used in the manufacture and refinement of cancer drugs.


ADC Technology

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