Clayton Hutson-Success!

Posted on February 13, 2018 By

When it comes to sound production, Clayton Hutson is the posterchild in being the Jack of all trades in his field. Hutson is an expert in various roles of sound production which include being an FOH (or Main House Mixer), Monitor Engineer, Automation Operator, and a Production/Tour Manager. Hutson has worked with various artists throughout his career as a Sound Engineer, including the likes of Maxwell, Jill Scott, Marilyn Manson, and Aaron Lewis, just to name a few. It takes a team of people who have a keen ear for music and intonation to produce a high quality sound for the performances of the artists listed above, and Hutson has been doing it for over 25 years. In order for Hutson and his team to produce the sound quality at the levels that they do, Hutson relies on the consoles of DigiCo and Kinesys to give a high quality sound expectation, in a quick amount of time. Learn more:


Hutson utilizes the streamlined usability of DigiCo’s SD models to provide perfection for major artists every time. Clayton Hutson is not just recent consumer of the company’s consoles, he has used DigiCo’s products since the early 2000s, with the purchase of their SD5 console. Now, almost to decades later, Hutson is still on board with the company’s consoles as he uses the SD11 and relies on it, not only for the sound quality, but for the convenience of travel. He also relies on the Kinesys Elevation +1 to assist in his automation productions.


He has provided his services for an array of venues, including casinos, churches, festivals, and sold-out concerts of monumental proportions. Although Clayton Hutson provides his expertise to major music artists, he also makes his services available to those who may have a slimmer budget to work with, but still want the top notch sound quality, and stage production that Hutson can provide.


All of this is to say that Clayton Hutson is truly particular about the technologies that he uses for his sound production, and is the go-to guy for Sound Engineering when the task at hand is crucial. It does not matter how big or small the stage production may seem, Clayton Hutson is the one to call when the expertise is needed.