Dedicated and Rising Neurologist Jorge Moll

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Jorge Moll is a rising Neurologist who’s research mainly focuses on social psychology, moral cognition, moral emotions, anti-social behaviors, neural bases of behavior, and neuroscience. Dr. Jorge Moll conducts several studies on patients struggling with functional magnetic resonance imaging, and neuropsychiatric disorders through neuropsychological, and clinical trials.

Born, and raised in Brazil Dr. Jorge Moll’s astounding, and groundbreaking works come from his strong focus as well as educational background in which he Graduated the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, Brazil in the field of Medicine during the years of 1989 – 1994. Later, Dr. Jorge Moll further indulged himself in his studies of Neuroscience by attending the University of São Paulo, USP, Brazil in 1999 in which he excelled, and gained his Ph.D. in the Sciences of Human Physiology as well as Experimental Physiopathology thus graduating in 2004. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

His dedication to his field and his keen interest in the Neurosciences though did not stop there. Neurologist Jorge Moll refined his skills by receiving his post-doctorate from the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH in 2004 – 2007 in the United States. This goes to show how serious, and dedicated Dr. Jorge Moll is in his mastery, and execution of Neuroscience as well as Physiotherapy.

Dr. Jorge Moll became a member of several boards, and had his accomplishments as a neurologist recognized by several organizations, and received various awards for his hard work, and research into the neurosciences. In 2006 Dr. Moll became a member of the editorial board in Social Neuroscience, and Neuropsychology as well as Dementia in the same year. Read more about Jorge Moll at

In 2004 Dr. Jorge Moll received recognition for his research in Neuroscience, and received the NIH Research Fellowship Award as the founder and coordinator of the Behavioral sciences, and Cognitive unit. As of today, Neurologist Jorge Moll is a current member as well as President, and director of the governing board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.