Dick DeVos Leads His Family In Continued Philanthropic Efforts

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Dick DeVos is a man I have known about for a number of years, largely because of the impressive work he has undertaken as an education reformer alongside his wife, Betsy. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has a long reputation as one of the top philanthropic groups in the U.S. and continues to have far reaching goals in terms of the reform of education and the far reaching goals the foundation has in the arts; the efforts undertaken by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation include campaigning for education reform across the country and funding the establishment of charter schools.


I have been interested in the charity work and career of Dick DeVos since he became the President of the AmWay group in 1993 and joined a company I had been interested in throughout the leadership of Dick’s father Richard. I have always been impressed with the way Dick has handled the many different aspects of the AmWay Group and found his leadership of the company in foreign markets inspiring for its success and integrity. Even a glance at the Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos provides me with an insight into the skills of this top business leader who continues to find success with the Windquest Group he has now developed to provide him with the chance to continue investing during his retirement.


Over the course of their campaigning for education reform I have been impressed with how Dick and Betsy DeVos handled themselves in the face of those who disagree with their policies. I recently read an interview with Betsy about the education reform the couple have backed and found the leadership shown by Dick extends to a role with the Michigan education department. Dick DeVos may have entered his retirement, but does not seem to show any signs of slowing down as he continues to head the Grand Action Plan initiative in Grand Rapids that I believe continue to have a positive effect on the economic future of the area.



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