End Citizens United Supports Democrat Candidates To Push For Campaign Finance Reforms

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End Citizens United has thrown its weight behind Randy Bryce’s fight against Paul Ryan. Randy Bryce is known for running for public office in Wisconsin three times for a state assembly seat, a seat on the Racine County Board of Education, and a state senate seat. He is a cancer survivor, has served in the military and is currently the political director of the Ironworkers Local 8 union. Most importantly, End Citizens United is supporting his bid because he is pro-campaign finance reforms. Randy Bryce is on record for calling Citizens United “toxic” which resonates with End Citizens United’s mission and vision.

Foreign Money in US Elections

End Citizens United was formed to fight activities by Citizens United which advocates for non-disclosure of sources of campaign finances. End Citizens United on the other hand advocates for the re-evaluation of the current campaign finance rules. Their call for reforms is not without reason. Contrary to US laws, there has been infiltration of foreign money in US elections in the past. In 2016, a Russian company bought ads to influence the presidential election. The problem is this is not the only foreign money that affected the US election last year. Chinese money also found its way into the elections by using a loophole to donate funds for different political aspirants through a super PAC. A Mexican businessman was also able to make donations to the elections last year through another super PAC. Consequently, all these infiltrations by foreign nationals and corporations point to loopholes in US electoral finance laws.

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Implications of Foreign Money in US Elections

Whenever foreign money finds its way into US elections, it negatively impacts on the elections, making them look weak. Right-wing politicians are however satisfied with the status quo yet a few multi-millionaire individuals could use these loopholes to gain direct influence over politicians. This is dangerous since it leads to a situation where a few elite determine the course of the country irrespective of whether the predetermined course is advantageous to the common US citizen or not.

About ECU

End Citizens United came into being to get rid of big money in the US political scene. The PAC advocates for disclosure of all sources of campaign money and also advocates for campaign finance reforms. With full disclosure, foreign money will not make its way in the US elections, safeguarding the sovereignty of the American people and their right to influence who should take political office. Given that Democrats are for the reforms the PAC stands for, End Citizens United supports political bids by Democrat candidates. End Citizens United was formed in 2015 as a PAC fullyfunded by grassroots donors following a Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United. In the Supreme Court ruling, the judges declared that the government was acting against the constitution by restricting independent political spending by unions and corporations. Consequently, these organizations no longer had to reveal that they were giving to political campaigns and how much they would be donating, a move that fosters meddling by foreigners in US elections.

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