Eric Lefkofsky Of Tempus Labs Is Celebrated For Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

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Founded in 2005, Tempus Labs is a technology company that develops series of libraries made of molecular and clinical data for better patient care. Besides, the company enables physicians to provide customized cancer for patients. All too often, this is achievable through the company’s interactive analytical as well as machine learning platforms.

Background Data

Behind the foundation of Tempus Labs is the visionary Eric Lefkofsky. A serial entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Mr. Lefkofsky has been working closely with scientists and medical entrepreneurs to create viable treatment methods and therapies for cancer patients. Consequently, his input in the laboratory has ranked Tempus Labs among the top ten best health startups.


To further excel in its mission in the medical industry, Tempus Labs, under the leadership of Eric Lefkofsky, has worked with most cancer centers in the state. Aside from that, it provides top-notch health care services including cancer testing, sequencing tumors in patients, liquid biopsy, immune system characterization and machine learning among patients.

Additional Information

It goes without saying that Eric Lefkofsky has excellent leadership skills because just recently, Tempus Labs was featured on Dr. Topol’s annual list of best innovations in technology. As usual, the company has been a great performer in revolutionizing medicine through its technological advancement. That explains the ranking.


Additionally, Tempus Labs earned positive recognition as a leading company in groundbreaking technologies. Some of these emerging outcomes in the medical field include gene therapy, gene editing and two biotechnologies utilizes for diseases that were nonreactive to treatment.

With the input of trained and qualified scientists, Tempus Labs also launched a sequencing technology that facilitates rapid sequencing found in pathogen genomes. Besides, the sequencing is conducted through tools that can be used to monitor an outbreak.

Personal Profile

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969. He is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder of Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky was raised in a Jewish family, in Michigan. He went to Southfield-Lathrup High School before joining the University of Michigan. Being a studious student, Lefkofsky earned first class honors. He was interested in advancing his studies hence his decision to join University of Michigan Law School for Juris Doctor.

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