Eva Moskowitz is Changing the Face of New York City’s Education System

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Eva Moskowitz is the founder of Success Academy which is now being recognized as one of the nation’s best charter schools. Moskowitz founded these set of charter schools back in 2006. Since that time, they have grown to become one of the best private schools within the nation. Moskowitz is the CEO of these schools and she is working hard to lead them in the right direction.


Moskowitz was a former New York City council member. She also has worked in a variety of different careers within the broad field of education. Moskowitz worked with StudentsFirstNY and the Harlem Education Fair. She currently works with the New York City Charter School Center.


During the course of Eva Moskowitz life, she figured out that many schools were not getting the education that they needed to be successful. After attending Stuyvesant High School when she was in her late teens, the founding member of Success Academy concluded that she was actually smarter than half the teachers that had given her instruction. As she progressed in her educational career she began to see a clear picture about the state of education within New York schools.


One of the biggest problems that she found with the system, is its lack of knowledge and support for urban students. Over the years, she has spoken out on how minorities are not taught the skills they will need to thrive in a university level institution and in life.


Another concern is larger classrooms. Moskowitz states that classroom size makes a big difference for a student’s success. She is also a strong supporter of teachers and administrators and parental involvement. As a matter of fact, she likes to get parents really involved in the whole education process. These issues and many more related to them have motivated Eva Moskowitz to make a change within the city’s education system.


This outspoken education reformer is not just an advocate for the education movement within New York. She is also an author. In 2012, she co-wrote the book with Arin Lavinia who is another strong supporter of education reform according to Moskowitz’s views. Eva Moskowitz is now considered a leading figure within the field of education. She is currently paving the way for school district success in New York and the whole nation.


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