Fabletics: Knowing Their Customers To Help The Brand Succeed

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Everyone aims to look fit and fabulous, and hence the necessity of the gym in our lives. But even while gymming, one doesn’t want to be seen as someone who just wore their comfiest pajamas and decided to work out on a treadmill. Gym clothing is a serious business with numerous brands entering this sector, as there is a vast scope for development. Women want to look beautiful all the time, even when they are covered in sweat, no excuses! Fabletics was one brand that decided to swoop into this sector and give women exactly what they would want – comfortable workout clothes that look like they have been styled by some of the best in Hollywood.


Fabletics was established by Kate Hudson, whose merged her love for fitness and fashion to start up a brand that gives us an incentive to make use of that gym membership. As a person who works out pretty actively, she knew what women want from their workout clothes and had a fair idea of what works and what doesn’t. Since it’s inception, Fabletics has done extremely well in the market, garnering a position for themselves as being among the top sports and leisurewear brands. Currently, Amazon owns almost 20% of the entire market share of the retail sector.


Fabletics too was faced with the brunt of being an online marketplace, with having to establish themselves alongside such big business. That’s when the brand decided to take innovative steps, which other brands of its kind don’t take. Unlike other brands within the sports and leisure segment, Fabletics decided to get their customers to sign up for their membership plans, by which customers receive a package containing the latest styles in sportswear, chosen especially according to what they would want. When a person signs up for the membership program, they are required to give certain information regarding the sports they play, their body type, preferred styles and so on. Taking this information, Fabletics then shows the customer a range of outfit options which they can choose from and have delivered to their doorstep. Every month, customers are shown a new set of choices which they can choose as per what they would like. By doing this, Fabletics is not only maintaining their customers but has them buying from the brand every month.


But it isn’t just a win-win for the company; the customers benefit from this system as well. A customer wouldn’t go shopping often, especially if they have a lot of other responsibilities to take care of. When Fabletics shows the options every month to their customers, it gives them something they would like without having to spend hours browsing, offline or online.


Fabletics pays close attention to their customer base to give them exactly what they want. The brand collects the data from their website to understand and to serve their customers better in order to provide them with an overall better shopping experience.


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