Financial Services Provider Offers Its Clients Premier Commercial Banking, Institutional Services and Mortgage Banking

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NexBank Capital, Inc., (simply know as NexBank) is a popular Dallas-based financial service provider, specializing in commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking. Its customized banking products and financial services are sought by financial institutions and institutional clients nationwide to whom NexBank has exclusively catered. In essence, its executive management team can see how important the company’s products and services are to its U.S.-based clientele.

NexBank, somewhat of a cross between financial wizardry and banking savvy, announced the finalization of a $54 million private placement of fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes to high-net-worth and institutional investors.

While many of its clientele flock to the company for its expertise, the company is teeming with activity, as each industrious member of the executive management team and all subordinates in the company work in unison to serve many valued corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients.

NexBank Exemplifies the Best in Commercial Banking, Institutional Services and Mortgage Banking

It is often said that an affluent investor can have wealth or he or she can have happiness; however, that person cannot have both at the same time.

Without doubt, NexBank is able to disprove that maxim. To offer its clients the happiness and money for which they seek, the company provides them with the following products and services…

Commercial Banking

NexBank is widely recognized for its commitment to helping all clients during the entire funding process to ensure they secure the financing they need to spark long-term growth and fund essential operations.

Institutional Services

NexBank provides the right financial services with which to fund corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients around the U.S.

Mortgage Banking

When one of America’s financial service providers offers great savings and true value, a client is likely to receive what he or she deserves, and can expect. NexBank boldly and proudly offers a viable funding solutions with which today’s mortgage professionals meet their needs.

The company’s efforts in becoming the leading provider of banking products and financial services is apparent. With a keen knowledge understanding of finance, NexBank’s professionals expertly facilitate prompt funding.

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