George Soros: Donating Billions

Posted on January 1, 2018 By

The NY Times recently did an article about a billionaire hedge fund manager named George Soros. Mr. Soros is best known as the founder of Open Society Foundations. Throughout his career, he’s donated $18 billion to his foundation. It’s one of the largest transfers of wealth made by a single person to a single organization.

He didn’t donate all of this money in a single transfer. For the past 30 years, he’s been donated upward of $800 and $900 million a year. All of the money’s made his foundation the second largest philanthropic foundation in the country.

While many don’t know the name Open Society, the organization’s been a leading fighter of human rights and advocate for democracy. As the decades passed, Open Society’s philanthropic arm reached into over 120 countries. Despite the many issues facing the world, Open Society’s attention is currently locked on the United States.

After Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, several hate groups began parading across America. Mr. Soros has personally invested time and money into several programs developed to protect gays and lesbians and prevent police brutality. Despite his efforts, it appears more hatred is on the way. It’s getting to a point where the organization may have to completely focus on America.

Even as the world seems to be falling into chaos, Open Society is there helping those in need. Even when the situation doesn’t call for democracy or human rights protection, Open Society will contribute. In 2014, Open Society funded treatment centers during the Ebola scare. The organization’s also funded programs that protect the art and culture of other communities.

Eileen Heisman, Chief Executive of National Philanthropic Trust, believes that George Soros is just the man who the world needs right now. He makes enormous statements with his contributions and he’s not afraid to stand up to those spreading hate.

One JPost article talked about why so many right-wing conspiracy theorists go after Soros. Apparently, in the early 2000s, George Soros made a comment about giving up his entire fortune to stop George W. Bush from becoming president for a second term.
That little comment combined with his 1992 success makes a lot of people hate him. That’s when all the conspiracies about him secretly trying to destroy the world began coming out. So far, the world’s still here.

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