George Soros Makes Massive Donation To Philanthropy

Posted on January 25, 2018 By

George Soros is arguably the most prolific philanthropist of our time. He has decided to do what Rockefeller and Carnegie did in the past. He is going to provide us with the generosity that helps society build itself up and overcome the many challenges that are often seen with the times. His Open Society Foundation is specifically meant to help bring this about. This is the best organization to handle these problems and make sure the world is where it should be. Others haven’t gotten nearly as far as he has and there is a clear need for it.

The recent troubles seen in America and Europe prove that there is a need for more philanthropy. We have seen serious issues with the way that immigrants and others are treated by nativist reactionaries, but there is much more to it than that. Soros is doing everything he can to make sure that we have a world where this happens. The only way to do so is for our countries and cultures to connect to each other and provide ways to break down barriers. He has plenty of support for his ideal and he has plenty of people willing to help him.

Soros has certainly made a point of being the most important progressive donor out there. Nobody comes close to having the same level of wealth invested and nobody has gotten so many progressive causes support. He has made a prerogative of fighting for these causes even when it isn’t convenient or costs him money. Throughout the years he has seen many losses and sometimes backed out due to disappointment, but this new wave of philanthropy is designed to fight against what disappointed him in order to help build better future. There are many out there who don’t understand the important of what he is doing. The Open Society Foundation is designed to prove it to them.

The recent conditions we’ve seen show that Soros has a good reason to invest in the philanthropy he has decided to. There is so much more to be done and there is a clear need for it. He is disappointed with direction of politics and he wants to find a way to support what he believes will best serve the public. Currently, we have Trump in office and just about everything he is doing goes against progressive values. The only way to fight back is to find a way to combat his current agenda by putting more progressives in. George Soros is doing this so that we can finally see things the way they need to be.

The future is going to be an important time for the Open Society Foundation. We will need to stay vigilant in order to make sure that the effects of the recent nativism don’t harm our ability to makeĀ  more connected world. Soros has always advocated for a more global world. Now, we’re going to see that happen thanks to his efforts and drive.

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