George Soros Makes Massive Donation Toward Human Rights

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According to the New York Times and Forbes, over the past several years, George Soros has funneled $18 billion of his own fortune into his charitable organizations: the Open Society Foundations. Soros, a hedge fund manager worth billions and a major donor to the Democratic party, recently disclosed the series of donations, which have put Open Society into place as the second largest charitable organization in the US. The only charitable organization ahead of it is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A Foundation for Humanity

The Open Society Foundation was created over 30 years ago by Soros. Its purpose is to promote human rights and democracy in over 120 nations around the globe. However, the foundation’s recent focus has been on the United States. Open Society Foundation has invested a significant amount into programs meant to reduce abuse by law enforcement officials and to protect the rights of the LGBTQ minorities. The foundations have also invested in treatment centers during a devastating Ebola outbreak in 2014, as well as a center for Roma art and culture. Additionally, they made significant contributions to Democratic politicians, including Hillary Clinton.

Compassion Breeds Contempt

Soros has long been a target because of his democratic views and his major political contributions, and his latest donations have only served to fuel the fires for some. Both the Republican establishment and alt-right groups are outraged by Soros’ donations toward left-leaning policies. Additionally, Soros has recently come under fire in his birthplace of Hungary. The prime minister of Hungary has expressed an intense displeasure with a university funded by Soros and Open Society.

Soros Seeks to Keep the US From Repeating the Mistakes of the Past
To understand why Soros has become one of the most charitable individuals in America, you have to look back to his past. As a young boy, Soros lived under Nazi occupation in Hungary. After the war’s end, with Budapest under the iron curtain of communism, he left his home country and traveled to London, moving shortly afterward to the United States. In the US, Soros saw tremendous success on Wall Street, making over $1 billion by shorting the British Pound in a move that gained him infamy throughout the financial world. With his newfound fortune, Soros established the first Open Society Foundation in his birthplace of Hungary.

The goal of his Open Society Foundation was to promote human rights and democracy. His network of foundations eventually grew into the enormous network of charitable foundations that you see today. Soros and his foundations were among the largest donors toward democratic politicians, including Hillary Clinton. During the previous election, he had also put millions of dollars toward super PACs in opposition to Donald Trump.

What the Future May Have in Store for Open Society

Despite massive donations, the foundation does not plan to increase funding towards grants or programs in the coming days. However, the fresh infusion of funds by Soros will certainly aid the foundations in their operations, and will very likely go towards furthering human rights and democracy around the world. Nonetheless, controversy is bound to follow Soros wherever he goes, and the recent reveal of this massive donation is bound to attract significant attention, both negative as well as positive.

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