Greg Secker Helping Communities Flourish though Charity and Online Trading Education

Posted on December 13, 2017 By

Greg Secker is known for his successful ventures in online trading and his passion for teaching others how to achieve their dreams through online trading as well. He is also an entrepreneur and the founder of the Knowledge to Action Group.

The Knowledge to Action Group is comprised of a few businesses of education. The first one was Learn to Trade which started out as a course but them evolved into a global education program with offices around the world in cities such as London, Johannesburg, and Sydney to name a few. Other companies included in the Knowledge to Action Group are FX Capital, Capital Index, and Smart Charts Software.

Greg Secker is also the founder of a charity foundation aptly named The Greg Secker Foundation. Is focus is on providing people from all around the world with a better quality of life overall. The Greg Secker Foundation is the result of its founder’s lifelong passion and commitment to helping and establishing communities even as they are on the other side of the world from him.

The Greg Secker Foundation came to be in 2010 as a not-for-profit organization. The organization workes on initiatives such as helping youth establish needed life skills, receive a better education, and learn how to be leaders. The Greg Secker Foundation encompasses a wide variety of programs such as the Youth Mentoring Program and Early Childhood Development Program for South Africa, The Christmas Basket Brigade, and many more.

The start of his career was when Greg Secker started working in finance at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. After that, Greg Secker took up online trading on the foreign exchange market Forex and began developing his skills as an online trader. It took some time, but sure enough, profits started rolling in as he dedicated himself to studying the Forex market.

Greg Secker created his first startup inspired by the online trading and all that he had learned. The Virtual Trading Desk was something that the market needed. It was the first real-time trading platform for Forex Trading which was well-received by the industry and earned Greg Secker a lot of recognition.

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