Home Sweet Home: A Tour Of Kim Dao’s

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Kim Dao is a popular YouTube blogger whose channel gained popularity through her make-up and fashion tutorials. Along with her tutorials, Kim Dao is also an active vlogger, documenting her travels wherever she goes. Born in Australia, Kim Dao is a Vietnamese woman living in Japan. Upon her arrival to Japan she lived in a temporary apartment until she transitioned to her new one. The vlog “My JAPANESE APARTMENT TOUR” is a video documenting her home, items and lifestyle. With a running time of just over nine minutes, Kim Dao begins her tour, starting with a mailbox attached to her door. She then works her way to the shoe area, a place where residents and guests leave their shoes before entering the house. It is a standard part of Japanese culture to not wear shoes indoors. Making her way through the apartment, we are shown a very small bathroom filled with the usual toiletries. We are then brought to a kitchen with a year’s supply of ramen noodles from Indonesia as well as a My Neighbor Totoro towel she received as a gift form a host family. Humorously, all her personal freezer contains is a single box of ice cream. After the kitchen, we are brought to the bedroom that, along with drawers and a bed, is filled with numerous clothes.

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