How ClassDojo Is Building An Interesting Classroom Environment

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The classroom is an environment where students are allowed to access resources for their academic growth. However, there are usually no procedures put aside to help these students enjoy a better experience while in the classrooms. Teachers have been proposing the purchase of digital curricula but none of these ideas have served the needs of students fully. Creating an environment where students can feel addressed on matters that concern building their future is one of the best ways to offer students access to better opportunities for growth.


ClassDojo is introducing a way through which students can enjoy a seamless environment that allows them to access support from both parents and teachers. The mobile application is designed to offer video and photo sharing between parents and teachers, all through a real-time process that ensures students are allowed to enjoy the feedback that is shared between the two parties.  Source


Sharing information in real time makes it easy for teachers to give details about problems ailing students and when parents are invited in resolving the issues, students stand to gain since there will be not delays when looking into their matters.


The ClassDojo application has eased the pain that exists where teachers have to wait to meet parents towards the end of the term. And one more interesting fact is that it is a free resource that is building a wonderful classroom for both the teacher and students. According to the founding members of the application, their focus now is to get more schools on board and ideas about monetizing with new features might come later.


About ClassDojo

Launched in 2012, ClassDojo is an application that is working to revive the learning experience by offering students an avenue through which they can share their problems. The application has been working to ensure students who have problems are connected with both parent and their teachers so they can get instant solutions. ClassDojo is a messaging platform where members can share videos and photos as well as written messages in a real-time manner.


The purpose of the application is to offer a conducive environment for learning that allows parents to join in building the lives of their children. It is a fun experience while at the same time offering great opportunities to students to make their learning better.

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