How Erick Pulier Changes the World through Innovative Technology Solutions and Philanthropy

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Erick Pulier is among the personalities that most people look up to as role models. Mr. Pulier is recognized for his success in entrepreneurship and his passion in supporting charitable organizations. Moreover, he is a talented author who has published popular literature on technology.

Mr. Pulier began his career on technology while he was in fourth grade. In 1984, he joined Harvard University where he completed his bachelor’s degree in English and American literature. While studying at Harvard University, he also enrolled and attended some classes offered at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After completing his studies, he stepped out to start his ventures. In 1991, he launched his first company, People Doing Things. People Doing Things was a technology company that served the health and education industry.

Mr. Pulier started other businesses like Digital Evolution and Starbright World, a firm that offered interactive platforms where people could socialize. Other companies that he owns include Media Platform, Akana, ServiceMesh, Desktone, a restaurant, and a nightclub in Santa Monica.

Given his extensive interpersonal skills such as networking, business strategy, cloud computing, and IT strategy, Mr. Pulier was selected to design the presidential technology exhibition. He was assigned duties of showcasing innovative healthcare and technology solutions.

Besides being a successful business personality, Mr. Pulier also supports charity organizations that work to improve the living standards of people in United States. Some of the charity organizations he supports include The Painted Turtle, X- Prize Foundation, Campaign For Free College Tuition, Clinton Global Initiative, and ACE Foundation.

Furthermore, he supports various venture capital organizations like Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures that give financial assistance to various companies based in United States.

Most of the organizations that receive Pulier’s support are those that improve health care services through the use of innovative technology solutions.

From his career accomplishments, Erick Pulier has been honored among prominent entrepreneurs who are capable of nurturing various start-ups.

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