How Richard Mishaan Design Celebrated Release of New Book

Posted on June 15, 2017 By

“Artfully Modern” is an elegant and insightful look into the world of interior design and modern architecture, as written by Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan has been considered one of the top established designers in New York City for years and his work is taking off in new and exciting ways. Mishaan has penned two separate table books that have sought to show off his style while introducing customers to a new potential style. Richard Mishaan Design blends the artful with the elegant, the minimal with the luxurious. The book was released onto Amazon where it immediately sailed into the top selling charts. Richard Mishaan was quick to celebrate, calling friends and family and former clients together for a celebratory dinner.


The dinner was held at Margaux at the Marlton Hotel and it featured talented individuals from the fashion and the art designer world. Richard Mishaan, the leader at Richard Mishaan Design, was there in attendance to guide the party and talk a little bit about the way that he viewed the design world. Mishaan says, “The most important thing to take away about “Artfully Modern” is that art makes every aspect of life better.” Mishaan’s words, though simple, were powerful in their application. The way you set up your home is the way you live your life and as a result you can choose to live it well.


The traditional Richard Mishaan Design room typically features multiple layers of different textures, colors, and eras. Mishaan loves art and he loves having a conversation starter so you will also see him implement some sort of artistic piece or souvenir from his broader travels. This approach to interior design is in stark contrast with the typical expensive and modern highrise. Mishaan doesn’t believe in sticking to convention or solely expensive material and perhaps that is why Richard Mishaan Design is so successful.

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