How Trabuco Rose to the Top at Bradesco

Posted on July 23, 2018 By

Trabuco didn’t start out as a CEO. In fact, he started out in one of the lowest positions at the bank. He was an entry-level employee at Bradesco. This meant he had to work twice as hard to get what he wanted. It also meant he had to make choices that others often struggled to make. Since he was working so hard to become a big part of the industry and a big part of the opportunities people had while banking, he felt confident he could do a good job and could do things that would make the industry better. It was his perseverance that allowed him to continue pushing forward and working toward his goal. He wasn’t afraid of obstacles and never let anything stand in his way. Since he was good at making things better for everyone, Trabuco knew there were positive opportunities that could come from doing things the right way. It all made sense to Trabuco since he knew what to do. Read more about Trabuco at

After he took on the positive of the CEO, he continued pushing and tried to do everything the right way. He had a lot of faith in what he could do and used that to ensure he was offering his banking clients the best options possible. Trabuco knew what people wanted and wasn’t afraid to give it to them so he could help make the bank a better place for everyone. He also knew what it would be like if he had a chance to do more. Visit to know more.

Even though the clients of the bank come first in everything he does, Trabuco also recognizes the importance of doing good work for the employees. Since he was an employee on his own, he knew there were things he’d have to do if he wanted to show other people what they could get from the situation. He also knew what employees wanted to be treated like so he made a lot of different efforts to make that happen. As the CEO, he continues giving employees chances other CEOs would not have done since they were never in that position.


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