Investor Vijay Eswaran is committed to Expand QI Group

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Vijay Eswaran runs a multi-business corporation dubbed QI Group of companies as the president and executive chair. QI Group manages profitable business units that deal with financial services, hospitality, education, direct selling, and retail. Read more: 3 More Years: NYCFC Owners Man City and Vijay Eswaran’s QNET Extend their Partnership

Its flagship subsection, QNET that was founded by the Malaysian investor in 1998, has become an international firm that has reaped huge profits by merging traditional sales tactics with the e-commerce strategy.

The tough entrepreneurial journey of Eswaran

When Vijay Eswaran embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, nothing seemed to favor him. He did not have connections or funding from relatives, friends, or even angel investors. Additionally, Asia was facing a terrible economic downturn, and most people thought that Eswaran’s ambitions were inapt.

On his part, Vijay Eswaran was determined to become an entrepreneur and break away from the chains of making money for others. Fortunately, he met like-minded partners, and his wife supported him unwaveringly. They faced many challenges together, but they always managed to overcome them.

Vijay Eswaran launched his entrepreneurial career by venturing into the direct selling business, a sector that encounters numerous perception challenges. Since its creation, Eswaran’s company has managed to be among the top 40 firms worldwide. Eswaran considers success and failure as an element of his growth path.

How Eswaran is planning to make Malaysia an investment hub

Eswaran has founded a University in Malaysia. This university admitted its first group of student in 2015, marking a significant milestone for Eswaran and his company. Currently, students are pursuing their courses at a temporary campus located in Kuala Lumpur.

QI Group is developing a QI City, consisting of a shopping complex, a medical facility for medical programs, hostel blocks to accommodate the growing number of students, residential houses, a park, and a new permanent campus.


Vijay Eswaran unveiled the RHYTHM Foundation that carries out all philanthropic activities across the globe on behalf of QI Group. He honored his late father by creating the Vijayaratnam Foundation that partners with local nonprofits and other humanitarian entities on projects, such as women empowerment, child mentoring, special education, and youth development. At a personal level, Eswaran has given out millions of dollars to many charities.

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