Jason Hope is Supporting SENS Research Foundation to Battle Age-Related Illnesses

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While ailments may be unavoidable later on in life, it is factual that there are numerous ways in which, people can lead healthier lives as they age. That way, age-related diseases can be prevented. On that note, SENS Foundation is working on several projects to better the healthcare system and improve the immunity of older generations especially. Even better, this organization has partnered with several individuals and corporations to explore the chances of boosting a healthy old age.

SENS Research Foundation is a prominent non-profit-organization doubling as a regenerative medical research foundation that supports research programs as well as public relations with the aim of incorporating regenerative medicine to aging. Prior to the launch of the foundation, the Methuselah Foundation planned to purchase SENS Research Program.

Behind the research programs that SENS Research Foundation is working on is a massive support system from different parts of the world. Among the people that have in one way or another offered support is Jason Hope, a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated time and monetary resources to ensure that SENS Foundation achieves part, if not all of its objectives.

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To show his support in 2010, Jason parted with $500,000 directed to the SENS Research Foundation. While donating this amount, Hope said that he was enthusiastic about giving back to his community and that was the least he could do. Also, he was categorical about this donation in the sense that he is a technology enthusiast and the entire project of dealing with the prevention of age-related diseases depends on the advancement of technology like big data.

Jason Hope is not just a philanthropist. Mr. Hope is a serial entrepreneur and has invested millions in different businesses and startups. Aside from that, Hope has seen to it that the current generation embraces the future of technology in many ways. One of Hope’s biggest inventions is the Internet of Things (IoT). In this invention, Hope believes that the future highly relies on the advancement of technology. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

The futurist entrepreneur is an alumnus of the Arizona State University and the Carey School of Business where he studied business administration. So far, he has been able to combine the knowledge he acquired from school with his passion for supporting growth in different industries. Besides, his philanthropic activities have been of greater support to many who need help from the sectors he has been supporting. Just like his name, Jason Hope is positive about a new world era that will be entirely controlled by technology.  Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

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