Jordan Lindsey: An Experienced Foreign-Exchange and Cryptocurrency Trader

Posted on April 20, 2018 By

Cryptocurrency has become a buzzword as of late. It is difficult to know which supposedly industry experts you should listen to. However, simply by looking at the results it is easy to see that Jordan Lindsey is someone that you should pay attention to. He is currently the founder of JCL Capital as well as new trading algorithm Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Jordan Lindsey taught himself how to program computers and systems architecture design. He originally received an education at Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph College. He has had the opportunity to live around the world in places such as Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

His most recent accomplishment has been creating his own cryptocurrency which he has named Nucleus. He has used his algorithmic design in order to create a supply and demand curve for his new cryptocurrency token. He is an experienced trader in both the forex and cryptocurrency markets. He regularly publishes videos about trends in both the foreign-exchange and cryptocurrency markets in order to help his viewers and audience create profitable trades.

Recently bitcoin has been trading around $7000 however due to recent support from governmental agencies such as the securities exchange commission he believes that you could experience significant profits from bitcoin investment in the near future. Additionally, up until now, there has been no limit to the amount of ethereum tokens that can exist. This has caused sustained inflation of the currency is the value declines due to a continuous increase of supply. However, now there are talks of there being a new hard Implemented for the currency. By limiting the total number of ethereum, supply will decrease, and due to the laws of supply and demand, the overall value of the currency will increase in turn.

It is important to pay attention to investor sentiment whenever you are considering an investment decision. Warren Buffett once said that you should be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. As of right now sentiment in the cryptocurrency markets is generally negative which actually signals a buying sign for smart money individuals.

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