Kamil Idris on the Rapid Expansion of Intellectual Property Law

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According to Kamil Idris, former director of WIPO, intellectual property law has turned into a phenomenon of intense and rapid growth since the advent of the Internet. The growth of the Internet has brought a global expansion of opportunities for individuals, businesses, and corporations to share intellectual property with one another as never before in history. In addition to the Internet advances in science and technology have been another trigger rapid expansion and growth and interest in intellectual property law. For example, not only the arts and sciences themselves but also how scientific and artistic works are transmitted globally has given rise to new developments to secure the intellectual, legal rights of individuals, corporations, and nations. With trillions of dollars being exchanged thru internet commerce, it is necessary to have intellectual property laws in place to ensure the rights of monetary transaction holders. Intellectual property laws, like JASTA, can be used as a springboard into a more secure foothold for a nation. If economic growth is to grow across continental boundary lines into international commerce, there must also be parallel intellectual laws to accommodate a foreign trade. Present models of intellectual property no longer contain intellectual property principles which take in all of the ramifications of mental works done electronically, and therefore the current laws must be expanded as well as integrated into new intellectual property laws to represent this new growth on a global scale.


Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris was the former director of WIPO from 1997-2008; also a scholar and servant of the international law. Kamil Idris attended many Universities and holds degrees in Law, Philosophy, Economics, International Law; Kamil Idris is the recipient of honorary Doctorates from Franklin Pierce Law Center and Indira Gandhi National University in India.

Kamil Idris was appointed the Minister General of WIPO for six years and reappointed a second term, but stepped down a year before the end of his second term. During his time as Minister General of WIPO, he donated his salary to the Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties.

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