Kate Hudson Promoting Power of the Crowd at Fabletics

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Power of the crowd has gained much influence in determining consumer purchasing. In the contemporary world, customers look for places with many reviews about a product. Reviews are the personal statement by people who have utilized a product and are either satisfied with it or had some dissatisfaction regarding the product. User reviews display the recommendations of customers, which influence the decisions of other people on whether to buy a product or not. Well-informed companies are aware of this trend and are capitalizing on it to win big on the customer purchase behavior. An article published in the Huffington Post titled “Why Successful Brands like Fabletics Leverage the Power of the Crowd” highlights the trend in the power of the crowd in influencing consumer behavior.

The article by Dianna Wertz discusses the success of outstanding brands such as Fabletics through the adoption of the power of the crowd strategies. The Fabletics is said to have grown by over 200 percent and has current revenue of more than $ 235 million. It also has over 1 million paying subscribers. According to the article, Fabletics’ corporate marketing officer attributes most of the company’s success to the crowd power or the user reviews. The user reviews have the power to improve customer loyalty and increase customer acquisition. The company has also witnessed increased customer retention because of the power of the crowd.

Kate Hudson’s Take

Another article published on the Forbes website tilted “Kate Hudson: From Almost Famous to Fabletics Greatness”. Hudson appreciates the good work that Fabletics does in the lives of empowered and inspired women in the society. Kate Hudson’s contribution to the company has been positive since her first day in the company. Kate Hudson love for Fabletics was evidenced in her commitment with the company from deciding on the best social media strategies and checking on the company’s budget. Kate Hudson also engaged in the design process in the company and was a major team player to ensure styles remained innovative and fresh.

Kate Hudson’s take on the Fabletics also comes out in her use of the same products she endorsed. Not many celebs use the products they endorse, but Kate Hudson has remained true to her endorsement and love for the Fabletics products. The article also mentions that Kate Hudson would only engage in authentic products, and her involvement indicated that she believed the products are genuine. Kate Hudson’s contribution helped the company overcome negative publicity it faced in the past.

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