Market America; a Successful Internet Marketing Company

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Market America is an international privately run internet marketing company dealing with brokage of products that was established by Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger in 1992. The company whose headquarters are located in Greensboro, N.C. has an employee capacity of over 650 globally. The company deals in products such as dietary supplements, cosmetics, water purifiers, custom websites, weight management products, personal care products, jewellery and household cleaning supplies. JR Ridinger, whose official name is James Howard Ridinger, is the President and Chief Executive officer of Market America.

The company does not manufacture any products as it only provides an exclusive platform for the distribution and marketing of the product that has been produced by other firms. The people and business entities that have that opportunity to market and distribute products on the company’s website are called UnFranchise Business Owners who are allowed to operate an online business website called Partner Stores are supposed to pay a monthly fee as well as a start-up fee upon joining the company.

The UnFranchise Business owned or independent distributors are projected to recruit others and are eligible to earn a commission from sales made by their recruiters. Market America suppliers operate independently and are obligated to spend between 130 dollars and 300 dollars on the company’s products and also attend training events and seminars which are estimated to cost 20 dollars to 200 each. As of June 2017, Market America’s start-up fee was 399 dollars plus monthly payments of 129 dollars. In 2010 December, the company began the process of purchasing the Shop.Com an internet site that deals with shopping comparison. The purchase led to the combination of’s database technology with the Cashback program from Market America.

The company also provides services to small as well as growing businesses which include; financial management as well as marketing services. The company also distributes over 20 dietary products from Isotonix Line introduced in the firm in 1993 and over 12 supplement products from the Prime Line of Nutraceuticals. Over the years the firm has also affiliated with outside companies to sell products such as oral hygiene products, flowers and coffee. The company conducts its business through a web domain purchased from Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The web domain is Shop.Com.

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