Meet Mike Baur, the man behind the top privately funded Startup in Switzerland.

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The entrepreneurial spirit of young Swiss people is recognized by many business experts and business professionals in the country. Many of these business experts have collaborated to support new ideas through guiding and funding them. Swiss Startup Factory is an excellent example of such companies under the leadership of its CEO and founder Mike Baur. It’s a leading incubator that supports new entrepreneurs by mentoring, guiding and financing them through a three month Startup Program. In 2014, the financial expert joined hands with two of his co-founders, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister who is a fellow graduate to Baur from Berne University to form the incubator.



The journey of Mike in banking where he rose from an apprentice at Union Bank of Switzerland to member of executive board taught him harsh lessons of facing any challenge. He decided to apply that experience in investment, and today he is the leader of the privately financed top startup incubator in Switzerland. He is also a Director of Swiss Startup Association. Many leaders in the tech industry are products of organizations like Swiss Startup Factory. The incubator is aimed at supporting startups to achieve their business goals. The startups are mentored, trained and funded through a process where they learn how to market their products globally and ways of getting funds from other investors to boost their projects.



Mike Baur was born in Freiburg Switzerland and is a graduate in business and finance. He started to work at the age of 16 in the banking sector as an apprentice in Union Bank of Scotland where he rose to the management board and later worked for Clariden Leu bank. When working in UBS, he advised many of the wealthiest Swiss investors on how to make right financial decisions. In Clariden Leu, he played a critical role to help the bank sail through the financial crisis. In 2014, Mike decided to leave banking for entrepreneurship, and that was when the idea of forming Swiss Startup Factory struck through. The talented banker and financial adviser has led Swiss Startup Factory to where it is now as one of the top start-up organizations in Switzerland. Swiss startup factory is now generating some of the best startup in the country. There are startups on green technologies and software development that are doing very well out if his mentorship and training program. He hopes that he will help as many people as possible achieve the success that they dream of.



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