Milan Farms Owner Milan Kordestani

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Milan Kordestani is a journalist who writes for the Huffington Post and is the founder of Milan Farms. Kordestani believes in the creation of organic meats and other food. That is what his company, Milan Farms, sets out to do, to give customers 100% organic eggs. Honesty is at the backbone of the farm. CEO Milan Kordestani believes that the customer is always right and that they should get what they deserve. Milan Farms was founded in 2015 and became a trademarked company the next year and it has expanded to three separate farms which create eggs and distribute to different areas such as Colorado for example.

Milan has also been experimenting with different methods for improving crops and researching different systems for growing saffron. Milan Kordestani was born in Stanford, California and then moved to London to then dealing with a divorce between his parents. He graduated from high school just last year. In his early life, he rode horses, but one incident would leave a mark on his life as he was thrown off by the horse. Instead of a young child being afraid to get back on and start crying, Milan went back on the animal and rode it back to camp.

Milan Kordestani then went from being a novice to a professional as he competed at the world champion level racing. The founder created Milan Farms while he was in his second year of high school. Milan Farms prides itself on organic food and organic options for their plants. The CEO believes that no secrets should be hidden from the customer when buying their products whether its eggs, saffron, or mint. The company has been successful as it has been able to expand, but Milan wants to innovate and improve in whatever they can. Milan Kordestani is a bright young CEO who has a clear vision for Milan Farms.


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