NewsWatch’s Business Reviews Dominate Media Industry

Posted on May 11, 2018 By

NewsWatch is a reliable and honest media organization that gives trustworthy reviews of consumer technology, travel, health, and entertainment. This news media network is based out of Washington D.C and has helped every and all types of companies, apps, and even non-profit institutions. The credentials of this media conglomerate consist of many highly respected Fortune 500 companies.

Various platforms are available for people to watch, listen, and read NewsWatch’s content. Viewers can see their television program on ION and AMC. Listeners can tune into the wonderful and informative podcasts on the compnay’s website that provides thousands of hours of gripping, informative, and entertaining materials.

One of the many companies that has been supported by NewsWatch is the technology company, Avanca. NewsWatch conducted a one-minute promotional video of Avanca’s crowdfunding campaign that helped raise awareness of the company’s fundraiser. The goal was to raise 10,000 dollars, over a 30-day interval, for a small pocket size pc Avanca developed. Not only was the goal of 10,000 dollars reached, but 456,551 dollars was raised toward the small technology. Leaders from the technology corporation claimed that NewsWatch’s promotional video and advertising was a key factor in achieving their crowdfunding goals. The promotional video was viewed by millions through NewsWatch’s TV and internet platforms.

NewsWatch has taken the media industry by storm with an onslaught of great reviews and significant statistics. Their innovative and creative ways of bringing forth information to the public is setting a blueprint for future media organizations.