Cancer Treatment to Real Estate: Arthur Becker Does It All

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There is not a single person in the business of technology and real estate who has had more of a variance than Arthur Becker. He has done everything from building houses to being able to help find technological advances. This has allowed him to be the truest form of an entrepreneur and has also given him the chance to make sure that he is doing more for the companies that he works with. Because of the way that things have gone with the companies that he works with, Arthur Becker has been able to make strides in the options that he has with the different businesses. It has also enabled him to learn more about different sectors. He is valuable to anyone who is able to use his services. Now that he is working with Madison Partners, he does not have to worry about his won business but he was the most valuable part of his own business for many years.

Information technology is Becker’s special but it is something that he is doing more of in the time that he has been with Madison Partners. While he is a professional with information technology, he is very interested in biological technology. He likes to learn more about how technology can help humans. The biggest thing that he is focused on with bio tech is the way that technology is able to help people who have cancer and other diseases. He wants to make a cure for diseases so that they can help people with new things. Click here to know more.

There are many different things that Arthur Becker does. He uses real estate to help him with the technology problems that he has and to make things better for himself when it comes to technology. Because of the way that the real estate business works, Arthur is able to make a lot of money from the business. He enjoys the real estate aspects of things and chooses to use this for the way that they can do new things and the way that he is able to do more for himself and with the money that he makes.

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Beneful a Product for all Dog Lovers

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Surveys have shown that in present-day people view their pets as an additional family member. Therefore, they are increasingly looking for food that is similar to humans. It is not surprising now to see that every person that has a dog wants to feed it food that has familiar ingredients.Beneful, a product of Nestle Purina PetCare, is popular among dog lovers. It has been scrutinized by critics, but according to Nestle it feeds more than 14 million dogs annually.The food as popular as is has been criticized for use of propylene glycol and colorful dyes. Propylene has been approved by the FDA but cannot be used for cat food, however. Critics have also complained about the use of mycotoxins in food which can be found in vast of dry pet foods.

The FDA and the European Union allow minimal levels of mycotoxins as they are in agricultural products. These issues were raised and in early 2015 plaintiffs brought a class action suit against Nestle. The case is still pending in court. Nestle says that the lawyers have never produced any test results, and a third of the plaintiffs have withdrawn from the case.The Huffington Post did interview some of the team members involved with Beneful, and the full story can be found in an article there.Janet Jackson is currently the vice president of PetCare Nutrition Research, and her team is responsible the development of the nutritional innovation for Purina products.

Beneful dog food has different recipes which are, Originals with Real Chicken; Originals with Real Beef; Originals with Real Salmon. The company is still working on the amount of salmon required in origin with real formula ingredient will be available by 2017.Purina has removed added sugar from their ingredients and has also removed propylene glycol even though FDA recognizes it as safe.Beneful has made a lot of improvement to their products; not everyone will like their products, but Purina provides safe products. However, these changes have made Beneful will now be the lowest priced product and will be available to all dog lovers.The full article on Beneful can be found in here:

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A Look At The Lifeline Screening Company’s Commitment To Accurate Screening Results

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Background Information On The Lifeline Screening Company

Lifeline Screening is a healthcare company that provides health screenings at community based events and community centers. The mission of Lifeline Screening is to screen people for unrecognized health problems and then have them seek treatment or consultation at their physician. Lifeline Screening does not treat health problems. The company screens and detects health problems that can often go unnoticed or undetected.

To ensure the most accurate results from screening procedures performed by Lifeline Screening all screening results will be reviewed by a board certified physician before being finalized. Each kind of screening result is seen by a specialist in that particular screening area. This means that cardio screenings will be reviewed by cardiologists, vascular test results by vascular surgeons and x-ray screenings will be viewed by radiologists.

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An additional measure taken by Lifeline Screening is that company laboratories are in full compliance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. Further measures include a strict adherence to protocols when ultrasound screenings are made and following recommended suggestions when both normal and abnormal results are classified following an ultrasound. All technicians who perform ultrasound and cardiovascular screenings are also members at the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and the Cardiovascular Credentialing International Group.

More measures to maximize accuracy include having a second opinion whenever abnormal results are found in health screenings. This ensures that a problem diagnosed by Lifeline Screening is due to an actual health problem or risk and not an anomaly in the test results or screening process. Lifeline Screening also has random audits throughout the entire year occur to ensure that compliance and high standards are applied to each and every screening. Fellow physicians are also recruited to look at the results that Lifeline Screening hired physicians have overseen as an additional double check measure.

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Clay Siegall Role in the World of Genetics

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A study conducted shows that most of us have about five dreams in each night. However, the likelihood of remembering any dream is minimal. Recently, a team of researchers found a pattern of the brain activity that seems to reveal when a dream is taking place and its content. Francesca Siclari, a researcher at Center for Research and Investigation in Sleep, said that a particular part of the brain registered more activity during a dream. Results showed that dreams occurred during rapid eye movement and also the non-REM phases of sleep.

The team monitored the electrical activities of 32 test subjects. By the look of the electrical activity of the brain, researchers were able to identify when a subject was dreaming. Additionally, the researcher conducted the brains’ activity in response to a given stimuli. Using this method, they understood the different reactions to the brain activity during a dream in the event of a face or movement. However, the main question still to be answered is how the brain changes from inactivity to fully conscious when we awake.

As the advancement of Technology continues to revolutionize and change the world, John Zhang made the headlines after he reported the birth of the first child to have three sets of blended DNA. The technique used to achieve this type of birth is called mitochondrial replacement therapy. The therapy was used to bypass a gene that led to the death of the lady’s child at the age of three. The birth is a breakthrough, but it resulted in the rise of many concerns both ethical and scientific. Additionally, the method used, according to critics, is still not approved in the United States.

Clay B Siegall is a name associated with Genetics. He is the founder of Seattle Genetics. Through this institution, he has devoted his life to conducting research on genes and ways of combating killer diseases like cancer. As the president of Seattle Genetics, he is responsible for steering the company towards achieving results through rigorous research in drug development.

Clay is instrumental in the development of drugs that help curb cancer. Through his company, he has developed ADC Technology, one of the best methods used in the manufacture and refinement of cancer drugs.


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Home Sweet Home: A Tour Of Kim Dao’s

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Kim Dao is a popular YouTube blogger whose channel gained popularity through her make-up and fashion tutorials. Along with her tutorials, Kim Dao is also an active vlogger, documenting her travels wherever she goes. Born in Australia, Kim Dao is a Vietnamese woman living in Japan. Upon her arrival to Japan she lived in a temporary apartment until she transitioned to her new one. The vlog “My JAPANESE APARTMENT TOUR” is a video documenting her home, items and lifestyle. With a running time of just over nine minutes, Kim Dao begins her tour, starting with a mailbox attached to her door. She then works her way to the shoe area, a place where residents and guests leave their shoes before entering the house. It is a standard part of Japanese culture to not wear shoes indoors. Making her way through the apartment, we are shown a very small bathroom filled with the usual toiletries. We are then brought to a kitchen with a year’s supply of ramen noodles from Indonesia as well as a My Neighbor Totoro towel she received as a gift form a host family. Humorously, all her personal freezer contains is a single box of ice cream. After the kitchen, we are brought to the bedroom that, along with drawers and a bed, is filled with numerous clothes.

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Samuel Strauch and His Advice for Foreign Mexican Investors

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Even the real estate industry in Miami is hit by an economic slow down; the developers are planning to build as many as 3,500 condominiums in Miami’s downtown. This is a great opportunity for people looking to invest in luxury properties but without the high price tags. Even the resale value of the existing real estate properties in the market is decreasing offering many unhidden opportunities. For those looking to know more about the investment opportunity in the Miami and Florida area should consult with Samuel Strauch.

Samuel Strauch is a reputed and professional real estate agent working with the Metrik Real Estate. While he was a banker when he finished college, he wanted to do something that he passionate about. He was always interested in real estate industry and real estate investment and decided to take the plunge. He has been successful in his endeavor and has an extensive list of happy clients to boast about. He started out learning from his parent’s real estate business but moved on to start his company named Metrik Real Estate. Over the years, he has helped his client grow their real estate profits and offer them practical advice when it comes to the country’s real estate industry.


Samuel Strauch has a number of foreign investors who seek him for investment help. Since Mexico is experiencing global economic uncertainty, they are looking to diversify their investment to be able to protect their assets. According to Samuel Strauch, Miami is a good option for them since the prices of the cons are well within their reach and the real estate industry is expected to grow in the coming years. His advice to them is to invest in residential and commercial properties areas that have high population growth and will provide them good returns in the future.

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Fabletics: Knowing Their Customers To Help The Brand Succeed

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Everyone aims to look fit and fabulous, and hence the necessity of the gym in our lives. But even while gymming, one doesn’t want to be seen as someone who just wore their comfiest pajamas and decided to work out on a treadmill. Gym clothing is a serious business with numerous brands entering this sector, as there is a vast scope for development. Women want to look beautiful all the time, even when they are covered in sweat, no excuses! Fabletics was one brand that decided to swoop into this sector and give women exactly what they would want – comfortable workout clothes that look like they have been styled by some of the best in Hollywood.


Fabletics was established by Kate Hudson, whose merged her love for fitness and fashion to start up a brand that gives us an incentive to make use of that gym membership. As a person who works out pretty actively, she knew what women want from their workout clothes and had a fair idea of what works and what doesn’t. Since it’s inception, Fabletics has done extremely well in the market, garnering a position for themselves as being among the top sports and leisurewear brands. Currently, Amazon owns almost 20% of the entire market share of the retail sector. With having such a firm grasp on the industry, it becomes difficult for brands to establish themselves and get a good customer base, let alone maintain it.


Fabletics too was faced with the brunt of being an online marketplace, with having to establish themselves alongside such big business. That’s when the brand decided to take innovative steps, which other brands of its kind don’t take. Unlike other brands within the sports and leisure segment, Fabletics decided to get their customers to sign up for their membership plans, by which customers receive a package containing the latest styles in sportswear, chosen especially according to what they would want. When a person signs up for the membership program, they are required to give certain information regarding the sports they play, their body type, preferred styles and so on. Taking this information, Fabletics then shows the customer a range of outfit options which they can choose from and have delivered to their doorstep. Every month, customers are shown a new set of choices which they can choose as per what they would like. By doing this, Fabletics is not only maintaining their customers but has them buying from the brand every month.


But it isn’t just a win-win for the company; the customers benefit from this system as well. A customer wouldn’t go shopping often, especially if they have a lot of other responsibilities to take care of. When Fabletics shows the options every month to their customers, it gives them something they would like without having to spend hours browsing, offline or online.


Fabletics pays close attention to their customer base to give them exactly what they want. The brand collects the data from their website to understand and to serve their customers better in order to provide them with an overall better shopping experience.


University of Chicago Partners with Erick Lefkofsky

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The doctors at the University of Chicago are receiving data to help treat breast cancer. This information is coming from Tempus, a new technology company that has created an operating system to help cancer patients.A partnership between the University of Chicago Medicine and Tempus was announced recently. Tempus will be providing molecular sequencing and analysis to specialists to help doctors to write personalized plans for the treatment of patients.The data will include data from over 1,000 patients with breast cancer. This data will be used to uncover patterns of responses to treatment.

Hopefully, this partnership will improve breast cancer patient outcomes. Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopadeis, who is a dean at the University of Chicago, reports there is little data about the most common form of cancer.He is excited about the amount of information Tempus can provide about this dangerous disease because he believes it will significantly advance how doctors treat breast cancer patients. This information will also provide data to be studied by the University of Chicago.Tempus can provide this information by using a genomic sequencing. This information will aid doctors in making decisions that are real-time and personalized for the individual patient.

Tempus has created many such partnerships with companies such as Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Rush University Medical Center, University of Michigan, the Mayo Clinic, and Penn Medicine. Tempus was founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky.Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder of Groupon and Uptake Technologies. Uptake Technologies is an analytics platform for some of the world’s largest companies. Lefkofsky started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006.His wife, Liz, was part of this foundation that wanted to change lives in communities by advancing high-impact initiatives. Lefkofsky earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He later received his Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School.He uses this degree as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. In his spare time, he writes and his book Accelerated Disruption is available now.

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Hope for Lung Patients- Lung Institute

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The world has been experiencing chronic illness calamity for long with medical researchers conducting a broad range of studies to determine the course and therapy of certain diseases including lung condition. In a report by Hawaii News Now, the scientific studies have improved and made the treatment of lung much easier than before. There are various methods to treat lung disease including stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is giving new hope to the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients. According to medical researchers, the lung therapy will assist the lung patients to live a better life. Medical professionals are studying the lung therapy to improve the difficulties of patients through the use of their stem cells. The stem cell treatment has an added advantage as it assists patients who do not respond to drugs. The treatment also helps those lung patients who want to reduce their reliance on drugs or even want to try the therapy before using drugs.

The big question has been how does the stem cell help treat lung condition? The scientist explains that when something is introduced into the body through IV it automatically goes straight to the right side of the heart, and with very few heart beats it is pressed to the lungs. Stem Cell therapy has a process and starts from;

Harvesting: Sample of blood or bone marrow is taken from the patient.

Separation: the stem cells are then separated from other cells.

Return: after separation, the concentrated stem cells are returned to the blood streams.

Lung Institute is one of the leading medical organizations which are devoted to generating stem cell therapy for the purpose of lung disease treatment. PR Web describes the medical institution to be committed to improving the lives of pulmonary disease patients all over the world. Lung Institute has physicians who have vast experience in the medical field, and have gained acknowledgment for active application for the stem cell therapy for lung disease.

The medical organization has been experiencing tremendous growth since it was established and has treated more than 3000 patients with lung complications in the United States. The Lung Institute treats lung complications including; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease. The institution has clinics that operate in Tampa Florida, Dallas Texas, Pittsburg, Nashville, and Scottsdale.

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What Are the Best Teen Movies of All Time Form the 80s?

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Teen movies certainly capture the hearts and imaginations of teenagers, but in actuality, they’re great for all generations of people. Back in the 80s, good teen movies were at their peak, and today, we still love the way they make us laugh and smile. Here are some of the best movies of all time that are specifically from the 80s.


  1. “The Breakfast Club” 1985


“The Breakfast Club” is a story of six teens locked up in high school detention on a Saturday morning. All from different cliques in school, they’re forced to spend time together and actually get to know one another. Fortunately in doing so, they learn things about each other that they never would have otherwise known.  Not only is it touching and poignant even today, but it’s also one of the funniest movies.


  1. “Pretty in Pink “ 1986


This film stars Molly Ringwald. She’s a teenage outcast and from a poor family, but she’s trying to make it in high school as best she can with her best friend, Duckie. This friend also happens to be in love with her, but Ringwald’s character doesn’t exactly feel the same. Instead, she’s eyeing the hottest guy in school. Who will she choose?


  1. “Say Anything” 1989


This 80s teen film stars John Cusack as Lloyd and Ione Skye as Diane. The two are complete opposites in high school. Lloyd skips school and acts out while Diane is an honor student. In charming teen movie fashion, however, they fall for each other in the end, and viewers get to watch a delightful romance and coming of age story.

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