Jeunesse Global produces 2-minute salon quality with Instantly Ageless

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Jeunesse Global currently ranks as one of the fastest-growing companies in the global health and beauty business. The company was founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who had just embarked on what they hoped would be a long and happy retirement. But the innately industrious couple hadn’t counted on the reality of long days of boredom. Ray and Lewis quickly realized that they weren’t constituted for aimless leisure. They soon began selling a few beauty products out of their garage.

The company, which they dubbed Jeunesse, a French word meaning youth, quickly took off. Ray used his expertise as a world-class salesman and recruiter to bring on board some of the top sales talent in the direct-marketing business. While at the same time, Lewis started working on spotting market niches that hadn’t been addressed by the major players in the industry. The result was pure dynamite.

Jeunesse was able to grow at jaw-dropping rates throughout its first years of operation. By the end of its fifth year, it was clear that Ray and Lewis, both now in their 70s, had just created the most successful company of their careers. Jeunesse Global is currently valued at more than $1 billion and does hundreds of millions of dollars each year in sales.

The biggest secret behind the company’s success is its innovative and effective products. One example is the company’s micro-crème. Known as Instantly Ageless, the crème was developed with the help of some of the top scientists in the beauty industry. It makes use of a special compound developed specifically for Jeunesse Global that the company calls APT-200. This substance has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones while restoring elasticity to the skin that has been lost through the natural process of aging. All told, Instantly Ageless can wipe years or even decades off the apparent age of a user’s skin, giving them the confidence to go about their day knowing that they look their absolute best.

And Instantly Ageless only requires a single application each day, requiring just 2 minutes.

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Fortress Investment Group Reorganizes As Part Of Softbank Group

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Softbank Group, a major internet, and telecommunications company headquartered in Japan purchased Fortress Investment Group, a United States asset management, and private equity company, with a steady eye on the future.

The acquisition of Fortress seemed to sharply contradict the usual investments that Softbank Group makes in the tech and telecom industries. But the move was characterized as both ‘bold’ and ‘truly visionary’ by one popular financial analyst.

Jesper Koll, Chief Executive Officer working at Wisdom Tree Japan, said while speaking on CNBC said that the company’s Fortress acquisition served to provide the Japanese company with an expertise in financial management that rivals any company in the world. This acquisition, explains Koll, allows Softbank to enter the asset management industry near the top of the food chain.

Fortress boasted of assets of more than $70 billion at the time of the acquisition and these investments are in private equity, real estate, and hedge funds. Fortress also has a history of conducting business in the country of Japan and in 2008 purchased hotels that were previously owned by the now-defunct Lehman Brothers.

Fortress has demonstrated a deep core knowledge of each industry in which the company makes investments. The company has a particular expertise in all aspects of managing both financial and physical assets.

Fortress has also been applauded for is its knowledge of capital markets. The company has been successful many times at leveraging this expertise with capital markets to obtain financing that is low risk, and low cost, to fund their investments.

Fortress has a skilled leadership team in place to assure that the potential of the many talented individuals performing duties for the company can be realized with concrete results.

Wesley R. Edens is an original co-founder at Fortress and still works with the company in the capacities of Principal and co-CEO. Before the foundation of Fortress, Edens worked at Lehman Brothers before moving to Blackrock to further sharpen his skills.

Peter L. Briger is another Principal of the company that shares the duties of the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Briger has been a great benefit to the company by bringing the 15 years of experience that he gained while working with Goldman Sachs to Fortress Investment Group.

Another key component of the company is Randal Nardon, another co-founder, and principal of the company. Nardone performed exemplary duties with other companies before becoming part of the Fortress team, including a stint with Blackrock Financial management.

The full scope of knowledge and expertise at Fortress Investment Group was on full display in 2010 when the company became the main lender for Millenium Development Group which was building an athlete’s village to house athletes competing at the 2010 winter Winter Olympics. The athlete’s village, which was located in Vancouver, British Columbia, was built at a cost of $875 million.

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Jason Hope is Supporting SENS Research Foundation to Battle Age-Related Illnesses

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While ailments may be unavoidable later on in life, it is factual that there are numerous ways in which, people can lead healthier lives as they age. That way, age-related diseases can be prevented. On that note, SENS Foundation is working on several projects to better the healthcare system and improve the immunity of older generations especially. Even better, this organization has partnered with several individuals and corporations to explore the chances of boosting a healthy old age.

SENS Research Foundation is a prominent non-profit-organization doubling as a regenerative medical research foundation that supports research programs as well as public relations with the aim of incorporating regenerative medicine to aging. Prior to the launch of the foundation, the Methuselah Foundation planned to purchase SENS Research Program.

Behind the research programs that SENS Research Foundation is working on is a massive support system from different parts of the world. Among the people that have in one way or another offered support is Jason Hope, a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated time and monetary resources to ensure that SENS Foundation achieves part, if not all of its objectives.

Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

To show his support in 2010, Jason parted with $500,000 directed to the SENS Research Foundation. While donating this amount, Hope said that he was enthusiastic about giving back to his community and that was the least he could do. Also, he was categorical about this donation in the sense that he is a technology enthusiast and the entire project of dealing with the prevention of age-related diseases depends on the advancement of technology like big data.

Jason Hope is not just a philanthropist. Mr. Hope is a serial entrepreneur and has invested millions in different businesses and startups. Aside from that, Hope has seen to it that the current generation embraces the future of technology in many ways. One of Hope’s biggest inventions is the Internet of Things (IoT). In this invention, Hope believes that the future highly relies on the advancement of technology. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

The futurist entrepreneur is an alumnus of the Arizona State University and the Carey School of Business where he studied business administration. So far, he has been able to combine the knowledge he acquired from school with his passion for supporting growth in different industries. Besides, his philanthropic activities have been of greater support to many who need help from the sectors he has been supporting. Just like his name, Jason Hope is positive about a new world era that will be entirely controlled by technology.  Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

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Alex Poll, A Milestone And A Half

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Alex Pall is the singer and songwriter for The Chainsmokers, and their music continues to touch fans in their hearts and their ears to this very day. They seek to share a sense of commonality with the masses as they prefer to delve into the depths of their current psyches processes.

The Chainsmokers met in a quirky and unexpected way, however, as they had no prior plans to meeting that memorable day in the throes of New York City, and without a compass for success, their coincidental introduction leads to the songs the world knows and loves as Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall.

Alex was always a DJ, and he would derive soul and joy from playing on his musical item by catching gigs in the facilities of New York City. He had a side job as a serviceman in an art exhibit store, and he only did that to pay his rent and keep food in his stomach. But as the days of pursuing his love of music continued, Alex Pall realized that the songs he created were not the only excitement he savored as an artist, but he also thoroughly enjoyed the journey of pursuing a taste of effort that the common man in New York City would perceive delirious.

It would be laughable to try to do fun for money in a place where its reputation was renowned for its stockbrokers and daytime workers, but that is what inspired Alex more than anything other than the musical notation itself. It then became an epiphany to Alex Pall that this was something to be immersed in. In that very time frame, his music booker informed him of a man by the name of Andrew Taggart. The pair soon exerted their energy into the magic that soon hit the history books.

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PSI Pay — The Ultimate Payment System

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PSI Pay is the pioneer of contactless payments. They are the company that has created the best market for contactless and convenient methods for transferring funds and making transactions. The contactless payment methods that they have offered the market are known for their ease of use and functionality. They have offered their customers cards, credit cards, and accounts for prepaid forms of payment. Their contactless payment systems are recognized throughout Europe. Recently, PSI Pay has created a joint venture with Kerv Wearables to create a ring that will act as a system for contactless payment. The ring is completely new, and the financial world is excited.


Released in 2017, the rings made by PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables are practical and stylish. They are the wallets used to make contactless payment. As a payment system, they are safe, secure, and swift. When a customer wants to make a contactless payment for goods or services, they only have to place the ring close to the merchant’s payment station. Once the ring comes closer than 1.6 inches, the transaction will instantly be processed. It is that quick! The limit on each transaction is 30 dollars, but this amount can be overridden by making a simple phone call.


This high tech payment method is the latest innovation to come from PSI Pay. They are offering their customers the safety and security of a product that is guaranteed by MasterCard. They have gone through all of the security checks and they have passed the tests. The rings are encrypted with the latest technology, and they are made from a ceramic that is stronger than steel. The inside of the rings are made from a material that is hypoallergenic, so any customer can wear it. The rings can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for someone. The funds are not linked to your smart phone or bank account, so anyone can set up their account by easily adding funds to the digital wallet.


PSI Pay uses a European wallet system in their payment rings. The rings are used as the intermediary for a store of value. This allows the ring wearer to make purchases in 44 countries with 173 currencies. The ring will transfer funds to the merchant’s financial institution in the local currency once the purchase is made. In contrast, the American wallet system only allows one type of currency. It sends funds directly from the customer to the merchant.


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Sean Penn’s New Novel Has Drawn Comparison’s to Some Legendary Literary Figures:

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Sean Penn has made himself famous for his outstanding performances on screen but he has recently journeyed into a new realm of artistic expression. The release of his new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff marks a new phase in Penn’s career and it has drawn great praise from critics. The new novel was the topic of a recent interview with Vogue Magazine.


When asked how he is and where he is, Sean responds that he is doing great and that he is at home in Los Angeles. The interviewer questions why he is not on his book signing tour and Sean lets him know that he is actually in the middle of it, but it has taken a turn through the LA area. Sean opens up about how the feeling of releasing a new book is different from other creative endeavours he has been involved with in the past because the novel represents him and him alone. With film work, it is obviously a much more collaborative and team process so Sean is enjoying the satisfaction of presenting something to the public that is 100% him.


Sean Penn goes further, stating this book was something he really felt he needed to get out, a story he needed to tell. He foresees this being his main outlet for expression in the immediate future as he has another book already in the works after Bob Honey who just do stuff. He has no current plans for any acting roles on the horizon but won’t fully close the door on film. He does let on that there is a movie possibility out there that he would love to direct.

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Penn’s new novel has been drawing some very high praise and comparison to works of such noted authors as Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Twain, E.E. Cummings and William Burroughs to name just a few. The work delightfully mocks today’s obsession with branding. Sean Penn finds his book tour, where he is defining his new brand, to be a bit ironic in this sense.

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The Continued Growth of OSI Food Solutions

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OSI Group is under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon has been working with the company since 1970. When he joined the company, it only had one branch in Chicago. Ever since, the firm has managed to expand operations to various parts of the country. Later on, the activities of the companies were extended to other parts of the world due to the strategies used by Sheldon. The company today has its operations in 17 different countries.

In the year 2016, OSI Food Solutions was able to expand its business. The firm bought several companies during that year. The company began by purchasing a storage and food processing facility in Chicago that was owned by Tyson Foods. This helped in supporting the continued growth of the firm. Moreover, OSI Food Solutions managed to get a controlling stake in Boho Food in August of the same year. This is a firm that serves the meat, snacks, and convenient foods industries. It has its base in the Netherlands. After the transaction was completed, the Managing Director of Boho Foods stated that they were excited to begin working with the larger company.

The last acquisition that the firm did that year was for Flagship Europe. This firm makes the sauces, dressing, and mayonnaise for the United Kingdom market. It also provides the markets around with poultry and pie products. OSI Group would benefit from this purchase. They would now have a more significant presence in Europe. It would also help them to continue meeting the demands of their clients.

OSI Food Solutions in Spain added a production line. This boosted the output of chicken products from the company. This plant located in Toledo finished these improvements in 2017. This improvement in the production led to an increment of jobs. The added job opportunities in the firm are a significant boost to the local economy.

The British Safety Council gave the Globe of Honor to OSI Food Solutions. This was still in 2016. It was given the award due to its excellent management of environmental risks. This award was presented to them at the Draper’s Hall in London. The company was among the 18 institutions to receive the award. The Globe of Honor is usually given to the organizations that show excellence in the management of the environment. An organization will first need to get all the five stars in the audit for environmental control carried out by the British Safety Council for it to compete for this award.

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Fortress Investment Group Helps Clients Understand Investing

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Many investment firms are comfortable providing their clients basic knowledge about the way investing works, but Fortress Investment Group knows they have to do everything they can to let their customers know they are doing the right investments for them. This means they must show them everything they know about it and help them understand how they can make things better if they choose right investments. Thanks to their ability to teach people about investments, Fortress Investment Group has succeeded in a market that is not always easy for people to be successful in.

Teaching customers is not the only way Fortress Investment Group is ready to help. They want to provide their clients with the best service possible. By focusing on customer service, they give everyone a chance to see what they are doing and how much they care about their clients. They made customer service a big part of their business when they first started. Not much has changed in their customer service since the beginning. If anything, they have gotten better than what they used to be. They try to always show customers they are helping them and they are providing them with a service they can’t get anywhere else.

Making the right investment choice can be difficult for many companies. Fortress Investment Group does not struggle with investment choices, though. In fact, they have an excellent track record for choosing all the best investments. They know people are pleased with the services they offer and that’s how they plan to give back to the community they have become a major part of. They help people realize they are capable of doing more and making more. Showing the right choices they have made allows Fortress Investment Group to give the people what they are looking for.

When Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group, people thought they were going to take over. The acquisition was a strategic move, though. Both companies saw a lot of benefits from it and are now thriving because of it. Since Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group, people worried it would be Softbank running things. There was no need for alarm, though. Softbank guaranteed Fortress Investment Group would continue operating independently. There were no problems with the way the company was performing and Softbank wanted to make it clear they were doing what they could to encourage Fortress Investment Group to keep doing their best.

Fortress Investment Group will always continue to support the customers they have. They want them to understand investing and will work to show them investing is an important part of their own lives. Customers who know more about investing will be more likely to profit from it. They can use it to help themselves make right choices and they can then make more money from those choices. Fortress Investment Group wants to see all their customers realize the potential they have to be successful. They want to see them make a lot of money from the investments they’re making.

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Paul Mampilly of Profit Unlimited Predict Rise of the U.S. Dollar.

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Paul Mampilly is an investor and founder of Profit Unlimited, a widely read investment newsletter. He is the senior editor of a series of columns and newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing such as True Momentum, Profit Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes. He also authors a column in Winning Investor Daily newsletter, which features weekly. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Mr. Mampilly joined Banyan Hill in 2016 and is currently using Profit Unlimited to help residents of Wall Street make wealth through investing, special opportunities, small-cap stocks, and technology. His newsletter which already has over 100,000 subscribers give guidance to subscribers concerning stocks that have the highest probability of shooting higher. His 25 years investment experience has gained him lots of skills and knowledge in the investment world which enable him to make unique and reliable analysis for making superior returns.

Mampilly was born in India and later immigrated to the United States at a young age. He holds an MBA in Finance from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a BA in finance and accounting from Montclair State University.


He began his career at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager in 1991. He later worked at Deutsche Asset Management as an analyst before becoming rising to a managerial position in ING and Deutsche Bank, handling accounts worth multi-million dollars. Mr. Mampilly has also worked with the Swiss Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sears as a Money Manager.

Paul Mampilly is also the founder of Capuchin Consulting a firm that provides unique investment ideas to professional investors. Between 2003 and 2006, Mampilly served there as the firm’s editor, publisher, and author. Additionally, Mampilly worked as the managing director at Kinetics Asset Management, a $6 billion hedge fund. Under his leadership, the hedge fund exponentially grew to $25 billion, making it rank as one of the worlds best hedge funds by Barron.

Paul Mampilly has been advising investors to invest in the growing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, new energy, Internet of things, precision medicine, robotics, among others. He believes that these technologies have a great influence on the rise of the stock market. Additionally, Mampilly is against the belief that the US dollar is going to collapse as it has been speculated by many.

According to Mampilly, the US economy is growing which will lead to the rise of demand for the US dollar as well as assets. This is, therefore, the prime time for investors to own US stocks so as to benefit when demand rises. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.


Class Dojo Is Working To build Communication For Students Across Nations

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Class Dojo is a fast growing educational program that is helping students become more engaged in their schooling and giving parents the ability to become involved in their child’s learning. Communication is an important part of every student’s learning, which is why Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don decided to do something about the lacking communication available to the schooling community and started up Class Dojo. This communication app allows parents to stay directly connected to their child while they are in school and learning, while also giving them direct contact with teachers to stay informed quickly. This is helping parents that have difficulty communicating and staying up to date with their child’s schoolwork.

One of the best parts of Class Dojo is the ability for all students to stay connected through their platform. Students from all around the world are able to upload videos from their classrooms that are then watched by students in different parts of the globe. This helps students experience different cultures and ask more questions about the world they are living in. Students are able to see the various similarities between themselves and their way of life compared to that of students thousands of miles away. This builds the communication skills of students that extend beyond their own languages and way of life to build a more human connection that will increase peoples ability to collaborate in the future.

Class Dojo first launched back in 2011 and they have already managed to spread around the globe, but this platform can be seen in the majority of K-8 schools in the U.S. today. One of the biggest factors that has aided in their expansion is the availability of their program. All students and parents can join in without any costs since Class Dojo is entirely free. Also, the app doesn’t require any personal details or sensitive information that parents wouldn’t want to give out for themselves or their child. With support for dozens of languages and nearly all smart devices, Class Dojo’s reach is wider than ever.

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