Paul Herdsman Describes Starting An Outsourced Customer Service Company

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NICE Global stands for Nearshore Inbound Call Experts named such because it’s located just off the coastline of Montero Bay in Jamaica, but its acronym of “nice” is actually quite true about how things are done at the company. The company is managed by several executives that include Principal and Chief Operating Officer Paul Herdsman. Herdsman has had a thorough background in business management and running different support and analytics services, and he is giving local Jamaicans a chance to get jobs and build their own careers. Herdsman has worked hard to build NICE’s employment infrastructure into what it is, and he had an interview with Ideamensch about what he believes it takes to run a company like NICE.


Paul Herdsman said he got the idea to bring NICE operations home to Jamaica because each call center he was running outside the country was becoming inefficient in the overall scheme. He believes everything in his daily schedule should be done with flexibility in mind, not creating unneeded work and overall having fun on the job. Herdsman says the reason more US companies are going with his company’s services is that Jamaica is a close access point for them and has a lot less cultural and cost barriers than outsourcing services in the Philippines and India. When asked what he would say to himself in his younger days, Herdsman said he’d learn to become a problem solver and figure out how to use data gathered better. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman grew up in Jamaica but traveled around the world as a young man and got his college education in the US. He did different customer service management and software services work for another company before taking his business expertise to Jamaica. What he wanted to do with NICE Global was to do more than just build another company. Go Here for related Information.


Herdsman made transportation, free lunches, a discount program to work at the local gym, and other initiatives to earn higher pay at the company. Many companies have seen sales management and e-mail services become better run thanks to the training that employees receive to learn managing those services. Herdsman also gives back to local Jamaican charity groups.



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