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PSI Pay is the pioneer of contactless payments. They are the company that has created the best market for contactless and convenient methods for transferring funds and making transactions. The contactless payment methods that they have offered the market are known for their ease of use and functionality. They have offered their customers cards, credit cards, and accounts for prepaid forms of payment. Their contactless payment systems are recognized throughout Europe. Recently, PSI Pay has created a joint venture with Kerv Wearables to create a ring that will act as a system for contactless payment. The ring is completely new, and the financial world is excited.


Released in 2017, the rings made by PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables are practical and stylish. They are the wallets used to make contactless payment. As a payment system, they are safe, secure, and swift. When a customer wants to make a contactless payment for goods or services, they only have to place the ring close to the merchant’s payment station. Once the ring comes closer than 1.6 inches, the transaction will instantly be processed. It is that quick! The limit on each transaction is 30 dollars, but this amount can be overridden by making a simple phone call.


This high tech payment method is the latest innovation to come from PSI Pay. They are offering their customers the safety and security of a product that is guaranteed by MasterCard. They have gone through all of the security checks and they have passed the tests. The rings are encrypted with the latest technology, and they are made from a ceramic that is stronger than steel. The inside of the rings are made from a material that is hypoallergenic, so any customer can wear it. The rings can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for someone. The funds are not linked to your smart phone or bank account, so anyone can set up their account by easily adding funds to the digital wallet.


PSI Pay uses a European wallet system in their payment rings. The rings are used as the intermediary for a store of value. This allows the ring wearer to make purchases in 44 countries with 173 currencies. The ring will transfer funds to the merchant’s financial institution in the local currency once the purchase is made. In contrast, the American wallet system only allows one type of currency. It sends funds directly from the customer to the merchant.


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