Sawyer Howitt: Born to Pursue

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Sawyer Howitt is a passionate entrepreneur whose ripple effect in the business world has amazed many people. Despite being a second semester senior at Lincoln high school, Howitt possesses a unique ability to grasp business concepts. He perfectly understands the needs of a particular business and works towards finding ways of improving it to connect with the consumers aptly. Sawyer currently works at Meriwether, a firm launched by his father, David Howitt.

At his tender age, Sawyer has learned key managerial roles from his talented father. Sawyer’s hardworking spirit got his father trusting him with critical decisions in the Meriwether Group. Mr. Sawyer dedication is to die for. When he is not studying, Sawyer Howitt will be found somewhere impacting young souls.

Pick a Leaf from Sawyer Howitt’s Book

Commitment to the course and passion are two notable things that keep Sawyer in pursuit. Such aspects help him a lot in appreciating brands. As well, when tasked with duties, Sawyer dedicates his all to attain perfection. His experience in a broad range of activities helps him remain ahead of the curve all the time. To top it all, Howitt has embarked on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial finance. All his pursuits are tied around nurturing upcoming businesspeople and enlightening them with significant ways to scale their enterprises. What a beautiful soul Sawyer is!


Leadership Positions Held by Sawyer Howitt

In 2015, Sawyer joined Meriwether Group. His role as a business strategy analyst put him in the limelight quite a lot. You could not fail to realize his adamant skills that got him creating a RFID checkout solutions program for retail projects. He continually exhibited maturity and commitment to his work, which impressed Mr. David Howitt. In January 2017, Sawyer Howitt got promoted to  project manager; a role he has since executed enthusiastically.

Sawyer’s Hobbies

Sawyer is not an all-work man. He takes his time to undertake other leisurely activities, which improves his productivity. Sawyer Howitt keeps abreast of trending music, appreciates fashion, physical fitness, and culture. He also loves an environment around Oregon River, where he casts a fly. He seeks to identify ways in which such facets relate to business.


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