Stream Energy: Partnerships That Increase Generosity

Posted on May 25, 2018 By

Stream Energy is a company that sells energy services to its clients. It is well known for its generosity to its community. For example, when Hurricane Harvey occurred many people in the area lost their homes. Others lost their pets and loved ones. It was a devastating storm in the Houston Texas area. Stream Energy was one of the first organizations to come forward to help fund the recovery of the area. What’s more commendable is that the funding they donated was their revenue from energy sales. It shows that they genuinely care about the well-being of their community. Not to mention, it is likely that some of those people impacted by the storm were clients of Stream Energy. Another way that Stream gives back is through Stream Cares. Stream Cares is their philanthropic organization that partners with other well-known non-profit businesses to build lasting relationships that further expand their reach. An excellent example of how these partnerships make a difference is the tornado incident of 2016. On the day after Christmas, multiple tornadoes hit the North Texas area. It ruined many houses and businesses. It turned the most loved holiday of the year into a nightmare. Stream Energy utilized their partnership with the Salvation Army. Together, they raised thousands of dollars. To further help the residents there, Stream matched the amount of money raised, therefore doubling the amount raised for the effort. Another excellent partner of Stream Energy is the Hope Supply Co. The Hope Supply Co. is a non-profit organization that ensures that homeless families in the area have all of the supplies they need to live a better quality of life. Homelessness is no doubt a burden. At the same time, residents don’t need to settle for less than what they deserve no matter what their circumstances are. The Hope Supply Co. donates school supplies, clothing, and diapers to homeless people and their families. Together, they host the annual Splash for Hope waterpark event for homeless children. Stream Energy pays the cover and meal costs for more than 1,000 children, giving them an experience they will never forget. Generosity is the virtue of giving.

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