Success of Capital Group and Its Partnership with Samsung Assets Managements

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If I say Timothy Armour is responsible for the success of Capital group, I think I will be right. He is the chairman and CEO of this corporation. Timothy is also the chairman of the capital group management, communication, and equity as well as the present portfolio manager.

Armour went to Middlebury College to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. The course has helped him steer the investment company to prosperity. Besides, the college education secured him a position in the Associate program where he started.

After taking office, Timothy invested heavily on enhancing and sharpening the sales department. The company realized increased performance of the capital funds.

Capital Group is a US-based organization with its headquarters Los Angeles. This is the office where Tim runs the affairs of the group. He took over as the chairman after the untimely death of Jim Rothenberg in 2015. After his appointment, Tim has been on the forefront in reclaiming their market share in the US. He was deputizing Jim before the ordeal. Capital Group has an asset portfolio of over $1.4 trillion that Timothy Armour is overseeing its management.

Timothy Armour is also a respectable personality in the investment industry. He works as the chairman and member to various boards in different organizations. For instance, he is the board chairman of the capital and research managements company. Armour is successful in the investment sector because of his 33 years of experience in this field. He has acquired all his investment experience from Capital Group.

Timothy Armour is on record to have led Capital Group to a partnership with Samsung Asset Management (SAM). The partnership was to help the middle-aged and senior citizens with their investment needs. The cooperation between the two organizations was to develop an asset management and production capabilities for the Koreans. Besides, the partnership aims at ensuring that the middle-aged and the elderly Koreans access co-branded retirement products.

Furthermore, the partnership is to make sure that Korean market can experience Capital Group distribution through SAM.

Timothy Armour believes that cooperation with SAM will affect the Koreans and their institutions positively. It will allow their institutions to achieve their long-term goals. He argues that they will manage the same way they did in the US. Armour notes that they will accomplish this through market cycles.

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